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Steph, sorry you were unable to signon today for the chat. If the following explanation doesn't work: email me privately and I can talk you thru getting to the webzine circle. Basically when you sign on to ecircles, and you go to "my circles" webzine should be listed as one of your circles. If it is not, we need to get you signed up again.

If it is there, click on webzine, it will bring up a page showing all our names. Once there, on left hand side will be a place that says text/voice chat. Hit where it says start text chat, and we would be there.

If you want to try some time, just call or email me.

Also, if you want to try the voice chat, let me know.

Ron was unable to sing on, as Netscape on the mac was not compatable. We needed to get him internet explorer.

kevin was on, but had a power failure right as we started.

Anyone who wants to try voice chat, let me know. You have to download the software first, it will only work on windows. Give me a time and we can try it.

Your b

-- Barry Steinman (barry@discountchristian.com), March 16, 2000

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