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I currently use the Mpegator card to encode my video, I have a problem editing the video, sometimes it allows me to remux it other times it just fails, I burned my cd using Adaptec CD creator 4 delux. When I play it back on my Panasonic DVD p-10 the video jumps from time to time I've tried burning at 1x, 4x, and 8x. The jumping seems to be more when I burned at 8x. Is there some configuring problem anyone can help me with. Also can anyone tell me the best burning software to buy I currently have many projects that need to go to HK. I'm new at this, as you can tell and currently working with what the company has. They are willing to buy me knew software, any recommendations will be helpful.

Thank You

-- Ignacio Monge Jr. (, March 16, 2000


Problem with remuxing and playback skipping...may indicate something wrong with pack size for video. When you author with EZ did you look at the VCD check menu? EZ will ignored the problem if it's a minor issue, but the panasonic may not forgive you for doing so....look at the video pack size to see if it is in specification.

-- (, March 16, 2000.

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