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I request that recordings should be banned or "deleted" if they are submited with the wrong game version. The validity of our archive is degraded by having recordings for games that aren't in the version that is "submited" by the uploaded.

There is already a warning on the submital page to not submit recordings for versions we don't have a version menu option for, but Game Guru apparently doesn't read anything before he submits, i.e. mostly concerned about leaderboard points than accuracy.

When these recordings are deleted they can easily be uploaded again by the user with the correct version.

-- Chad (, March 16, 2000


Sorry man, been one of those days, i'll fix them in a bit!! :-)

-- game guru (, March 16, 2000.

you have to delete them and resubmit them WHEN the m36rc2 is available. you can't just go and change the upload to m36rc2, that doesn't fix the internal problem.

also you set one of your m36rc2 recordings to m35rc2. I think these recordings should be deleted, and thus it should be voted on as a "banned" technique.

-- Chad (, March 16, 2000.

Incidently, how does the game database get updated for m36rc2 and not the version field on the submit page?

Just curious, not critic...

-- bubble (, March 16, 2000.

Pat could tell you more acurately, but i would assume they are two different things that aren't done at once. And sometimes when they are both set correctly people "can't find" the latest beta in the menu and they chose the wrong version anyway. Recently, Del Reily, Game Guru, Lord Axe and Sports Dude have bad uploads for spartanx, romperso, spartanx, ghox, vfive and batsugun the following recordings need to be deleted and submited with the correct version they have recorded with. hopefully this html will work:

shot of 

 clone of 
Spartan X (Japan)
Del Riley (@)17 Mar 00
375,630 : 100pts (confirm)m36rc1
Actually this is MAME .36 rc 2 it was not available as an option.
no shot available1stGhox
SportsDude (@) 17 Mar 00
113,530 : 100pts (confirm) m36rc1
As good as I can get at this...or is it? =) This at least is close to my Raine high on this...
no shot available2ndGhox
Game Guru (@)16 Mar 00
56,030 : 42pts (confirm) m36rc1
no shot available1stPuzzle Club (Japan prototype)
Lord AxE (@)16 Mar 00
528,900 : 100pts (confirm)m36rc1
use 36rc2
no shot available1stV-Five
Game Guru (@)16 Mar 00
113,950 : 100pts (confirm) m36rc1
no shot available1stBatsugun
Game Guru (@)16 Mar 00
395,100 : 100pts (confirm)m36rc1
shot of rompers

 clone of 
Rompers (Japan old version)
Game Guru (@)16 Mar 00
84,970 : 100pts (confirm)m35rc2

-- Chad (, March 17, 2000.

THANKS everyone for updating your scores so quickly! sports dude is lagging behind, but i'm sure he'll follow. This really does help the consistancy of the site! thanks again.

-- Chad (, March 17, 2000.

No worries man!!! I'll try not to do it again! Later :-)

-- Game Guru (, March 19, 2000.

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