Why are the tombstone dates different from actual dates of birth and death? Am I reading that wrong on the internet picture?

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On the internet site, the tombstone is pictured. The dates appear to be incorrect. Is this something other than the tombstone--a memorial perhaps? Do these dates signify something else?

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2000


Your just dumb as a rock and blind! The tombstone says that he died in 1849.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2000

No, you are not dumb because in the pictures I`ve seen of EA Poe`s tombstone it looks like it says he died in 1875 when he actually died in 1849.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2000


The date October 7, 1849 was the date Poe died and October 9, 1849 was the date of Poe's original burial. November 17, 1875, was the date a monument was dedicated to him.



-- Anonymous, October 07, 2000

it'd be nice to know what the site is so i could help./

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

The pictures i have seen of Edgar Allen Poe's tombstone do say 1875 if that was the date that a memorial built for him why do the tomsstones say the same date? is there any that say the correct date?

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

Your mom goes to college.

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2005

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