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I have been searching and finding test results of resolution and color saturation and of most other parameters of FD lenses, but not for FL lenses. There is alot of good FL glass out there, along with FL extention tubes and other accessories. Does anyone know of test re- sults and information of FL lenses? I'm especially interested in telephotos, the 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm front components and associated focusing unit in particular. Can any one out there help me? Thanks, John

-- John (boloid@aol.com), March 15, 2000


John, The only thing I'd caution you on over FL lenses is lens coating. Some very early FD lenses have poor contrast do to inferior lens coating. FL is earlier than FD - so I'm sure you see what I'm getting at. The information you're looking for is very hard to find - if it can be had at all. It wasn't until the "FD days" that there was enough popularity in the product that info was gathered and widely available. Good luck.


-- Karl Wessendorf (karl.wessendorf@usa.xerox.com), March 20, 2000.

It's difficult to find reviews of those older lenses on the web 'cause most data emphasizes current AF gear. But the FL 400, 600, 800 and 1200 super telephotos were and are legendary performers. If you can find one in good working order for a reasonable price, go for it.

The real key to flare control will be use of a lens hood, watching your light sources, and recognizing that with some long telephoto designs you have to be willing to sacrifice some edge sharpness to achieve center sharpness.

-- Lex Jenkins (lexjenkins@hotmail.com), June 09, 2000.

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