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I've recently had to reformat my laptop. Now when I watch a VCD using Xing MPEG Player, it no longer hides the cursor. I'm using DirectX 7 and Xing MPEG Player 3.3, just like before, on a Win98 2nd edition. I'm sure that I've seen an option somewhere on hiding the cursor over DirectDraw windows, but can't find it now. Does anyone know if this option is still available, and where I can find it, or otherwise how to remove the cursor when VCDs or MPEGs are playing?

Thanks, Stephen

-- Stephen (, March 15, 2000


Stephen: I'm looking for an application that would make the cursor disappear when it hasn't move for awhile, and then reappear when moved. Any suggestions. Thanks, David

-- David (2communicate, April 27, 2001.

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