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I've got a pigeon problem in a 200'X40' hay shed that's open the full length of one side and one end is open also. I've tried shotguns and pellet guns but the metal roof ends up with holes. I've tried rat poison mixed with corn and wheat and I've also added cement mix to swell them up inside because birds can't fart or burp to release the gas buildup. I'm going to rent this building for large storage for boats and campers but I've got to get rid of these messy damn things. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this task?

-- John Thomas (, March 14, 2000


Hi John,

I'd recommend laying off the rat poison unless you can ensure it is a type that won't go on to kill whatever may feed on the carcasses.

All of the solutions you have mentioned will probably just result in other pigeons taking their place. You need to make any perch or nesting site unattractive. Is a false ceiling possible? I know there is some kind of really obnoxious sticky gel that you can put out on places like window sills or fire escapes. Depends on how accessible these areas are, that's a pretty big shed.

Otherwise, hit the yellow pages for some professional help.

Good luck!

-- Brooks (, March 14, 2000.

We had that problem in an open ended RV storage barn, only our problem was Starlings. Our solution (worked wonderfully!) was to buy several blow up Owls, we hung them over the entrance and the birds never came in again. Don't know how it works for pidgeons, is the owl a natural enemy for them? If not, find out what is and then get a blow up of that one.

-- Sammie (, March 14, 2000.

cheap tarps complementary with a 3 month rental contract? I would bet good money that if you solve your problem, you could market your "fix" worldwide and not have to worry about it. Good luck!

-- Roger (, March 14, 2000.

JohnThomas, While in Milwaukee years ago we had the same problem,but I used an item we had in Viet Nam, called a "Man trap". Really simple device 2x4 or 1x4 about 10'long with ring shank nails coming up from the boards. Nail the ring shanks about 1/2 to 1"apart. Nail the 1x4 to the rafters or in the corners where the pigeons like to roost. Also try a black hose with yellow eyes painted on one end/both ends, to make it look like a snake. They are good eating,similar to Doves, makes a great soup called "Squab" Good luck.

-- Furie (, March 19, 2000.

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