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Have you ever wished you could enter hot links into your questions and answers here? Well, so did I - and someone published a good simple comprehensive guide either here or on the original TB2000 forum, and I learnt enough for my needs from that - and now the original has got buried in the volume of other stuff, and I can't find it. If someone knows where that is, please post the link here. Please pretty please?

However, the secret is this - look at the source for something which does what you want (with Internet Explorer, that's "View | Source" - try it now on this message), cut and paste a sample to something you save, and then always copy and paste from that saved template, then modify the copy, when you want to insert a hotlink. You'll notice that all HTML commands (with rare exceptions) are enclosed in angle brackets ("less than" and "greater than" signs), and that many are paired - a beginning one, and an ending one which is the same except that the part inside the angle brackets starts with a "/" (oblique stroke or slash) character. Examples of paired and unpaired commands would be start bold and end bold, and paragraph.

Two worthwhile addresses are

HTML Quick Reference
Practice your html here

One small trap is that, once you've got ANY HTML in a document, you need to do ALL HTML. That is why, if you've viewed source here, I've got all those EXPLICIT paragraph commands (the "p" in angle brackets at the end of each paragraph) - once I put in hot link commands, I needed paragraph commands as well.

Another trap is that you've got to spell out web addresses very fully - that "http://" at the beginning is needed; otherwise it defaults to another mode where it thinks what you've given it is a file name within the current directory. There are other modes of address you can use simply to go to labels within your current page, but that's getting into full-blown web-authoring, and I'm not there yet and may never be.

Have fun.

-- Don Armstrong (, March 14, 2000


To link use this form:
<a href="">Link</a>
To insert an image use this form:
<img src="">

-- spider (, March 14, 2000.

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