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Does anybody know or used Real Magic DVR?. I think the card can capture S-VCD mode (2/3 D1). And how about the quality capture?. Thank's a lot For more information see at

-- Freddy Djena (, March 14, 2000


I just purchased the card and am able to capture mpeg2 IPB at up to 704X480 10mbit. The maximum that will play on my APEX 660 is @5mbit. You can also capture mpeg1 or SVCD 480X480. I don't know if the capture is 100% SVCD compliant, but it plays on all my equipment after I burn it with Nero 5.5 I also have AIW Radeon, and I've read alot of positive reviews for that product. CPU intensive but with a fast system 1.ghz or faster you can capture to SVCD. I have a 900AMD and can capture up to 480X480 4mbit with the AIW. No onboard mpeg encoder, don't believe any posts that say otherwise. I also tested the DC1000 from pinnacle. One on the other boards that claimed to capture mpeg2. It does but it wraps them in an AVI wrapper for editing in premiere 6. No good for 1 step capturing. The DVR has better quality than the AIW and at the higher the bitrate the better. I can send samples if you email me at Runs on 2000 professional as well. Easy install. Doesn't do scheduled recording(use a timed macro program).

-- Troy Evans (, July 14, 2001.

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