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1. George W. Bush's maternal great grandfather owning and using a major shipping line to supply Adolf Hitler in the 1930's. This line was at some point identified as a "front" company for the 3rd Reich and its operations were forced into suspension by the Roosevelt administration.

2. Prescott Bush, working for Brown Bros., Harriman investment bankers; which was as one of the lead financiers for the Thule Society membership [Thyssen, Krupp, et al] who created Adolf Hitler. Little discussed, but this relationship between Prescott Bush and Adolf earned Bush the calumny of being found guilty by the US Congress of violating US "trading with the enemies" act.

3. An old GHW Bush family friend has been William Farish, Jr. I think that his father was one of the founders of Humble Oil Co [later merging with Standard of New Jersey-Rockefeller Trust Co becoming EXXON].

Surely you can recall GHW Bush going to south Texas to shoot birds with his old buddy, Bill Farish, throughout all his years in the executive branch of government.

William Farish, SR. was found guilty by the US CONGRESS of violating the trading with the enemies act during WW2. Seems that Farish, Sr. was responsible for the cross-licensing agreements with IG Farben [one of the Thule Society creators of Adolf Hitler]: licensing agreements that created the synthetic rubber plant at Buna, which was operated by the slave labor gangs from Auschwitz.

These cross-licensing agreements, executed after 1933, enabled the expansion of the German army; virtually created WW2; virtually enabled the 3rd Reich to wage war.

And during all those years of hostilities, royalties were paid to Farish's company via Swiss banking intermediaries.

And Prescott Bush supervised these financial relationships. Along with the Dulles brothers.

Farish, Sr., found guilty of virtual treason by the US CONGRESS, committed suicide.

Prescott Bush became the US SENATOR representing Brown Bros., Harriman and played golf with Ike.

The Press never asked any questions concerning this traitor reaching these pinnacles of power.

4. The American Eugenics Society. Virtually founded by the Bush family. I believe that it was later transmuted into becoming Planned Parenthood.

All the same, the philosophy of this American Eugenics Society was that the rights to breed had to be controlled by the state. It acknowledged inferior peoples and could be identified as a US analog for the Nazi programs against which the USA was ostensibly fighting.

Of course, the son George Herbert Walker outpointed the father Prescott when it came to treasonous acts. Just to name several...

1. After 1947, the US intelligence services became involved in the international trafficking in heroin. It was proposed as a course of action intended to provide "black" financing for the secret ops of the= state.

The principal advocate for these activities was George Herbert Walker Bush. That was how he earned the nickname "POPPY."

2. The Bush family were part of the grouping that facilitated the Kennedy "hit" in Dallas. Though no one wants to discuss it, the "hit" had everything to do with how the historical post-WW2 controllers of the heroin trade were going to be displaced.

3. Iran-Contra. Only the USA seems intent on hiding from the truth: that the Republican Party [Ronald "Alzheimer's" Reagan and GHW Bush] made a deal with Iran so as to prevent POTUS [Carter] from freeing hostages in Teheran prior to the 1980 elections.

This was a double irony; as the hostages were taken because Carter became the victim of a company coup orchestrated by GHW Bush, which advised Carter that the US needed to harbor the deposed Shah.

The record of this story is clear: a President and a Vice-President of the United States were committing treason.

Furthermore: all the 1979 oil price dislocations that disrupted the Carter Presidency in its last years were also treasonous actions being energized by the GHW Bush-controlled Republican Party via their "company" associates.

4. The Gulf War. How do I say it? GHW Bush created Saddam Hussein. They were business partners. They bilked the US taxpayer as Iraq armed itself via the Commodity Credit Corp.

Then George and his buddies shook down the Emir of Kuwait. I figure that the Emir eventually had to pay 250 big ones to George and Jim so as to get the US/NATO deployment into the Gulf to conduct Desert Storm.

Somehow, I consider this another act of treason. How is it that you characterize it more benignly? Or is it that you do not think about these matters?

And maybe that is why GHW Bush did not run so hard to retain his incumbency. He was too fat. Stuffed with bucks looted from the US citizens.

-- Bobby (, March 14, 2000


Interesting, very interesting! Thanks for Post!

-- suzy (, March 14, 2000.

It's pretty clean up here with all these puffy clouds and harps and stuff, but, Suzy, wouldja like to come up and...(mud?) wrestle???

-- Bobby (, March 14, 2000.

It's pretty clean up here with all these puffy clouds and harps and stuff, but, Suzy, wouldja like to come up and...(mud?) wrestle???

oh, and here's a link to an upcoming movie...

-- Bobby (, March 14, 2000.


-- phoneman (, March 14, 2000.

RFK, Do you have access to a plain old resume of George W. Bush? If I was hiring someone for my bidness, I would want to at least wee their resme. This guy wants to be my President, so I need to see his resume, not hear a bunch horse hockey about how he will help me.

Maybe with our group knowledge, we could construct W's resume:

Graduated High School in 19??; GPA ???; Draft Status 2-S? (college deferment); College Yale? 19??; first real job ???; felonies????; etc.

Can anyone help. the truth is out there, unfortunately it is fed to us with a baby spoon.

PS since God put more than two people on the planet, there have always been small groups conspiring to control, profit, manipulate and gain power over the masses. No different in the US.

-- phoneman (, March 14, 2000.

Of course. Daddy Bush has been wheelin and dealin with the Arabs to make sure gas prices are real high by election time. Then of course Shrubya will claim that he can solve the whole problem by letting his cowboy oil tycoon friends put an oil well in every American neighborhood. If the Bush dynasty has thing their way they will suck so much oil out from under this continent that the entire country will collapse into a huge sinkhole. They don't care, as long as it makes them more rich and powerful.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), March 14, 2000.

Phoneman, Shrubya graduated from Phillips Andover Academy in 1964 and Yale University in 1968. (He was a year behind my brother at Phillips. Shrubya made zero impression on bro during that time. Also didn't hear anything about him while at Yale.)

-- Brooks (, March 14, 2000.


You just posted something to this forum which was . .

a) Pretty much coherent

b) Quite well thought out, in a teenage angst, angry poet kind of way.

c) Devoid of personal attack, cussing, toilet humour or vitriol.

Either you found your medication, or today was just an oasis of lucidity in your world of confusion.

Either way . . well done.


-- w0lv3r1n3 (, March 15, 2000.

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