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I've heard of conversions of the Elwood 5x7 enlarger to use other negative carriers, Beseler or Omega. I have a metal 5x7 which has the slide in, wooden carrier. Anyone have experience in converting this to other negative carriers?

I'm also converting it to the Aristo coldlight, V54. Any wisdom to share on this?


-- David H. Miller (, March 13, 2000


I once had a 5X7 Elwood that I used for printing 4X5 negatives. Since the carrier is made of wood, it was pretty easy to make a 4X5 carrier in my wood working shop. I sandwiched the negative between the carrier and a wooden frame. I also used a 5X7 Aristo cold lite head with my Elwood. It worked well! The only problem I had with my Elwood was stability. I had to gut the enlarger column to the wall using cable and turn-buckles.

-- Ron Lawrence (, March 14, 2000.

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