Feet Dragging in Mozambique

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Most of the major countries came to the aid of Mozambique almost before the rains ended that cause the devastating flood in that African country. The United States came to the countries aid, but it was the last major country to do so. Do you feel the United States drug its feet in this relief effort? If so, why? If now, why so late to this country's relief. Would it have been so slow if it were an European country?

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2000


Rev. John, Interesting question but the same question could be posed about the Venezuelan floods less than 4 months ago. I don't seem to recall an outcry about helping the victims in Caracas. Relief efforts in response to natural disasters like the Mozambiqan floods are always associated with time delays and recovery lags. The humanitarian response by the Int'l Red Cross and other agencies can be rightly criticized for the delays but not for their noble efforts to ameliorate the pain and suffering. The US clearly learned its lesson in the Rawandan/Burndi Massacres [1992-5]. A policy of non- intervention in African disasters only leads to rising misery and the stench of death. Perhaps if Mr. Mugabe reduced his worldly travels by a third the saved resources could be used to provide safe and clean drinking water.

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2000

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