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-- Henry (, March 13, 2000


i have aquestion that no one has a good anser for.... i work construction.. i pour concrete for a living, it gets real tough in the summer... i always put on size in the winter and gain strength, but in the sumer i get weak and lose size... ive been told to not work out as much to just deal with it.... i just want to know .. how can i still gain strength and size in the heat of the sumer... ive tried eating more, taking in more protien but i seem to gain fat and no mass..... i have read lots of mags and all of them seem to have routines for poeple that have 9 to 5 jobs or there work is not very demanding..... ive never seen a program for poeple that work construction..... i hope you can help me... thankyou very much for your time..... ROC ANTHONY BATES....

-- roc anthony bates (, June 16, 2001.

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