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I have recently bought a Wharfedale DVD player (from Tescos). It plays all my DVDs just fine. But when I come to play a VCD which was created using the MPEG-1 system the audio is fine but the picture goes crazy (like a really bad vertical hold problem!!). I was wondering if the DVD player I have should be capable of show VCD MPEG-1, I can find no reference in the manual. And if it can can any one suggest where I am going wrong.



-- Graham Hunt (, March 13, 2000


This is a data format problem - NTSC versus PAL. Does your TV accept both formats? Set your capture format to the same as your TV.

-- Garth Bird (, March 13, 2000.

I have the same problem with my wharfedale. I have a number of vcd's in mpeg1 format but on the wharfedale they are covered in square blocks and jump all over the place. The player, vcd's & tv are all pal

is there a min bit rate for this to work?

-- Geoff Blackham (, March 20, 2000.


-- Hans Hartz (, December 02, 2001.

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