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Chapter 1: The Jells First Battle.

Ya think the War Council will find us? Do ya? Do ya? Huh? Do ya? Deed was being annoying as usual. The pesky little Mono Eyeds specialty was being annoying. But Scaler answered him nicely, as usual. Yes, Deed. But they will- He was interrupted by his best friend, Minion. Theyll rip out your throat and tear you to pieces, then eat you for lunch, or maybe supper. Minion was annoyed at all this B.S. that Deed was giving him. Scaler just laughed. Theyll just let us go. Remember, they want Burner killed. They sent out hundreds of warriors just to kill him . So what if we snuck out to get rid of him? They think it will be a bunch of casualties unpaid for. But well get him, Scaler told him. Mr.Freeze grunted. As long as they pay us, he said. A lot. They were walking up their first mountain, a bare, ugly place with the smell of death in the air. No one liked it. Baxter was on full alert, looking everywhere, jumping at every sound. Gengen was wondering what joke to say next. Mr. Freeze was thinking about how much money they HAD to get for their troubles. Minion was trying to figure out how to somehow leave Deed behind on this mountain. Deed was trying his best to be annoying, and Scaler was turning into a helicopter to try to scope out the land ahead. Three scruffy-looking monsters, a Gordish, a Kato, and a Blue Kato ahead. They have cutlasses (swords, Eagle Fierce, hope you are happy) and look like trouble. I dont think they are from Burners troops though, Scaler called down from the sky. Mr.Freeze groaned. He didnt want this fight. Stop! a voice called. Who dares pass the territory of the Katos From Hell? Minion snorted. They look like my two-year old nephews tricycle gang, Hecks Angels, as they call themselves, he whispered to his friends. The Gordish overheard him. Die! he screamed, running straight at Minion. For some reason, Minion wasnt afraid of him. Mr.Freeze was. Mr.Freeze turned his arm into a sword himself and started fighting. The Blue Kato was approaching Baxter. Mr.Freeze panicked. He ran away from the battle. Minion and Scaler tut-tutted. Gengen made a wall around Baxter and took the hits. Minion just molded his hand into a machine gun and shot all three Katos. Gengen and Scaler were looking at him in awe. Now why didnt I think of that? Gengen and Scaler were thinking. Baxter was pretty shaken up. Come on. Lets go find the wimp, Minion said like nothing happened. We cannot do that once we reach the other side of the mountain. Magic enforces that no weapons can be molded by our hands. Deed, being Deed, was asleep. He had slept through the whole battle!

Chapter 2:A Captain Killed=A Jell Lost

Mr.Freeze? Where are you? The battle is over! The Jells were calling for thier so-called leader who had run away from a battle. Mr.Freeze came out shamefully from behind a tree. The blue Jell was now reddish. I, uh, you know,thought I saw a Ninja Kato, so, you know, I went after him. But he got away. Damn, I almost had him too! Minion was looking at him shaking his head. Scaler couldnt belive it. Gengen was looking at him, feeling sorry for him. Baxter was wondering why he was the leader of the group. Deed was asleep. They reached the other side of the mountain, the ParePare forest to their right, open territory to thier left. Straight ahead was their path. Suddenly, Scaler shoved everyone into the bushes. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR??? bellowed Mr.Freeze. Shut up, Scaler tried to quiet him. Mr.Freeze jumped out of the bush angrily. BOOOMMMM! A huge explosion, and Jell blood sprayed everywhere. They know were we are! Minion yelled. Battle! It was a long and drawn out fight between the Jells and the attacking troops, with uniforms that had a patch of Burner on and words that said: 10TH TROOP. OUTSKIRTS OF PAREPARE. It was the lowest troop in the lowest patrol with the lowest captain of all of Burners army. A couple of Jokers fell dead. This was a land without Lost Disks. A Nyankaro body tripped up Gengen, who was looking up at the sword of a Joker. Suddenly, lasers were everywere. Burners troops were looking confused for a second then fell dead. Three Hengers, an Omega, a pure Henger, and a Black Henger were fighting alongside the Jells. Only one of the army was remaining after half an hour of battling. It was the captain, a Wracky. It smiled. Do you think you will ever defeat me? I may be the lowest captain, but I will soon rise, and you are powerless against me, it said, eyes shining red. It leaped toward the Omega, knocking the Henger down, and raised the knife it carried. Say goodbye to your friend! It screamed, plunging the blade toward the poor Omega. But the Black Henger stretched over its friend, so the Wracky buried the knife deep in its heart. Then Scaler saw Deed, who had been awakened from all the screaming. He whispered to Deed, Kill him from behind. He doesnt know about you. You are our only hope! Suddenly, the Wracky screamed, and fell to the ground, dead. The Jells had paid back the Wracky, and Deed bit its neck, breaking it and killing the evil Wracky. It didnt know about Deed, as it was sleeping when they were attacked. Minion immedietly went to the side of the Black Henger, and saw that its eyes were closed in peace. The Henger and Omega were crying for thier brother. Im sorry, Minion said softly. Then he had an idea. But you can avenge his death by joining forces with us and killing Burner, whose troops killed your brother. May I ask what your names are? Im Hanger, the Henger said. This is Zimbo. What are your names? Minion introduced himself and his buddies. We each lost our own, Minion said softly. But I cant exactly say Im sorry Mr.Freeze is dead. He actually is the one who killed your brother. The troop would have passed us by with no notice if he had not jumped out. Who will be our new leader? he glanced around. Scaler laughed. I think it is a unquestiond decision that you are our new leader. Minion nodded. Then we continue our journey north. And so our Mr.Freeze-less Jells and new friends continue their journey to kill the evil Burner. Little did they know that the road would have more problems to solve, and much more casualties.

Chapter 3: A Side-Quest

Minion wrapped himself up in a blanket and snuck towards Zimbos tent. He had some questions to ask. It was dead of night, and the group was asleep. The Omega opened the tent flap for him , and Minion crawled in. Where did you come from? was the first question. My family was once many, and we travelled near and far, stretching from Torble Sea to the snowy mountains, battling many times. Then came Burner, and we somehow accidently got right in his secret hideout, he got mad and killed us all, burning us. However, we were metal, so we could not die from fire. So we pretended to be dead. He left us alone. Four of us escaped before we were found. Maybe I over-answered your question? Minion laughed. Then he grew serious as he found what he had missed. You said four. Who was the other one? Zimbo looked nervous. It is hard for me to tell anyone this, but since we are comrades now, I guess I will tell you the tragic story. He was an Automaton named Otto. He was good, and one day he went in to steal some food for us (like we always do) from a food supply for some kind of war. Otto went in the same time Burner did. They met again and fought face to face, and Burner got him to be a general. Third Troop. Minion took a deep breath. Third Troop was only two away from Burners troop. They had a really tough battle with the lamest squad in the worst troop a while ago. He SO did not want to meet Third Troop. He nodded and went to bed in his own tent. The next morning they went north, like they had been doing. But they came to a gate with Durahans along the walls. A HUGE Durahan stepped forward. Do you want to pass here? it asked. Yes, of course, Minion replied, for he was the new captain of this group. Baxter was looking at a Garuda that just didnt seem right. It was too- well, evil looking. Show me your permit then, the Durahan said. What the hell are you talking about? Minion asked angrily. You have to get a permit. To get one, go to the Golem Village in ParePare and ask for a guide to the Dark Temple. In the heart of the Dark Temple, there are many permits. Grab one and you can pass. If you are against Burner, you will have a 25 percent chance of getting out alive, if you use your wits and power. If you are with Burner, you have a 2 percent chance of getting out. That will prove if you are worthy of passing this place. We shall honer and respect you if you come back with a permit, and even send two of our people to go with you, the Durahan said, not even taking a breath. It cant be too hard, Scaler said hopefully. I sure hope so, Gengen replied. Well, lets go then, Minion said gruffly. Maybe we will meet new allies. And so they went deep into the ParePare jungle, traveling for seven days and seven nights. Suddenly, Gengen scooped up a pot. What is this? he asked his friends. I cant open it. Maybe we should break it and see whats inside. Hanger snapped to attention. NO WAY! he shouted, running up and grabbing the pot. This is a Magic Pot. It temps you to break it to see what is inside. When you do, you are cursed by a Bajarl. You blow everyone within a mile to smithereens! I know because it goes after travellers, and my family were travellers. It killed my second cousin! The more the brave Henger looked at the pot, the more he hated it. Oh, he hated it. He wanted to break it. His fingers trembling with rage, he raised his arms and threw it on the ground. But Baxter was young and quick, and he stretched out his body just in time to have the pot bounce harmlessly off his elastic-like body. Now, he said, placing the pot against a tree. Now we leave. And nobody look at the pot! So they left, and traveled a couple more days, lost, hoping to see someone to ask to find Golem Village. Then they saw an injured CrabSaurian. Its left leg was chewed completely off, and it was crawling, leg in hand, trying to get somewhere. Gengen rushed toward its side. Hanger and Zimbo held him back though. Then the CrabSaurian noticed the group. Help me, it cried. Help me get to Golem Village. They have great doctors there that can mend my leg. We will help you get there, if you tell us where Golem Village is, Minion said. Of course! Of course I will. By the way, my name is Crabbe. What are your names? Crabbe asked politely. Minion introduced the gang. Deed was asking Crabbe so many questions, Minion thought Crabbe was going to die. But Crabbe seemed to like this annoying little Mono Eyed. Scaler was satisfied. Minion didnt know how on earth he could like Deed when he was asking him questions like: If the surgery doesnt work, can I eat your leg? Can I? Can I? Huh? Can I? Finally, they got to Golem Village. First they took Crabbe to the hospital, where they bid him a friendly farewell. Then they went to the restaurant and paid for the most expensive food so they could quench their hunger. Next, they went to the Inn and slept for a couple days, so when they woke up, the owner was very mad, they had only bought one nights worth of sleep. The group had to pay him extra, they didnt dare fight with a fully grown Golem. Then they went their seperate ways along town, shopping for supplies and armor. Baxter and Gengen went to the candy shop, shopping for treats for the journey, Hanger and Zimbo went to the blacksmith to get sharpened (they are machines, after all), Minion went alone to the armory (he was going to go with Scaler,but Scaler insisted on bringing Deed), and Scaler and Deed went to buy weapons. At least Scaler did. Deed snuck into a Tiger strip bar (he,he), and drooled over the women there. At last they all met at night, refreshed and filled bags full of goodies, Deed looking dazed. And they slept in the inn again, for tomorrow they would go and find a guide. What will happen to them in the Dark Temple????????

Chapter 4: The Long Path to the Dark Temple

We want a guide, and we want him now! I dont have time for this crap, Minion said, eyes burning like a madman (notice I didnt use angrily.) You? Go to the Dark Temple? HA! Thats a good one! the Pink Golem secretary was laughing so hard, her water that she drank a while ago came out her huge nose. Listen- Minion started, but he was cut off by the usually quiet and patient Gengen. Give. Us. A. Damn. Guide. Gengen said in a no-nonsense kind of way. I have a very long patience thread. I can put up with what my friends here wouldnt dream of putting up with. So when I start to get pissed, you gotta learn to have my way. He said this very calmly, and the Pink Golem immediately got up. Yes, sir. Would you like some tea? Ill get you a guide right away, yeah, I will. Make yourself comfortable, Ill be right back. And with that she got up and went to find a guide on the computer. The other Jells were looking at him like he was an alien from another planet. Even Deed was stunned. Im not getting on that guys nerves, Scaler whispered. Scaler? Gengen asked pleasantly. Yes, Gengen, Scaler said. Shut up. Yes, sir. Then the Pink Golem came back. Uh, there is only one guide, and he isnt that experienced. Perhaps- Well take him, Minion interrupted. A couple of hours later, a Gobi came by. Hello, he said in a booming voice. Im your new guide. My name is Big Bob. You want to go to the Dark Temple? Yes, of course, Minion said in a duh kind of fashion. Then we leave. If you gotta pee, go now. Im not stopping at every McDonalds on the way, Big Bob said. Oh, great, a funny Gobi, Zimbo said. Zimbo didnt like him much. Maybe because of the Henger sub-type? They continued their journey to the Dark Temple right then. The first few nights were uneventful. Then came a night they would remember for years to come. They were all sitting around a campfire, glum, when Minion decided to entertain everyone. He told Scaler his plan, and they both molded their hands into instruments and microphones and sang new rap and rock music. But Baxter and Gengen, the young guys, had a better, original idea. Gengen molded his hand into a stereo, and Baxter into a CD, and started playing. (Notice how original this idea is. I thought of it after I wrote the first chapter.) The Hengers were clapping and laughing. Big Bob was laughing so hard at the idea, he fell into the fire and caught fire. Since he was rock, it didnt affect him much. But it made him laugh harder. Scaler was laughing at Minion because the young ones had paid him back for the machine-gun thing. Minion, being a good sport, made extra speakers so it would be louder. Deed took the opportunity to steal most of Minions food. It was a very merry and happy day, and they all went to sleep feeling good. Two days later, they came upon a stream. Minion, being the Chloro Jell he is, drank more water then the others (check the card). Then Baxter noticed something. Hey, there is a hurt monster over here! he called out to his friends. It was a Tasman, and it looked hurt. Its leg was dragging, its arm in a cast, very skinny, hungry and thirsty looking. Gengen rushed over to his side. Hanger can notice many small things, and he noticed a bit of hatred in the Tasmans eyes, and, well, he thought he saw something strange. He was-no. It couldnt be. He was just being stupid. What is your name? Scaler asked the Tasman. Katuum, the Tasman said. Well, I dont think we can leave a hurt monster in the wild, Minion said, with a bit of resentment in his voice (he doesnt like Katos). Well nurse you back to health for a couple of days, then we will set you free, to travel on your own. Baxter was about to point out that they could have a new friend, but then remembered his leaders hatred for Katos, so he shut up. Thank you so much, Katuum responded. That night, Minions tent was being approached by a figure. I should tell him, Hanger thought, No, hell think me stupid. I wont tell him. Ill just let it go. So he went back to his own tent. (Thought it was Katuum, didnt ya? Maybe things wont turn out like you expect.) They traveled the next day, Katuum slowing them down, and finally camped for the night. That night, Deed snoozing and snoring, Scaler couldnt sleep. Big Bob couldnt either. Big Bob was half asleep when he tried to raid the kitchen, thinking he was at home. Fortunately, he thought the kitchen was Katuums tent. Of course, it wasnt, it was Katuums tent, but he walked in there when he suddenly remembered where he was. So he apologized to Katuum, then turned around to leave. Then he remembered something. Katuum wasnt there! He turned around and looked at the bed, bandage on floor, and thought, Aw, he probably went for a walk. You have to remember, this guy is a Golem, and Golems arent exactly geniuses. Then, it sank in. He started running toward the nearest tent he could find it happened to be Scalers tent. Scaler! he shouted. What? Scaler replied. I was about to fall asleep. Deed was woken too. Katuum, hes escaped! He wasnt really hurt. His bandage was on the ground! Im afraid of what he is captaple of! Hanger, who also couldnt sleep, came over. What the hell did you wake me for? he asked, looking furious. The Gobi told him the whole story. But we dont know where he is going next, Big Bob added. Then, it all made sense to the Henger. Quick, we gotta get to Minions tent! Hes gonna assasinate Minion! They ran up, seeing the Tasman holding a knife and holding it above his head toward Minions sleeping body. Minion was sleeping heavaly because he had not slept since that happy day so long ago. There was no way his friends could get there in time. Suddenly, Scaler had a plan. Big Bob, stretch me out and fire me like a rubber band. I might make it and save Minion! But Deed had a better plan. As the Gobi stretched Scaler, Deed jumped on Scalers head. As Big Bob let go, Deed pushed off, applying force to Big Bobs force. It pushed Scaler back, though. Deed flew through the air just as Katuum brought the knife down. Some of the blade went through Minion, a half a millimeter more, it would have killed him on the spot. But Deed got there just in time, attacking Katuum, knocking him to the ground, keeping him there until the others got there. Then Big Bob lifted his big foot, and squished the Tasman with his big foot. Katuums life was over, never to breathe again. In fact, he made a gross smudge on the ground, which attracted tourists in the future. But that is another story. The others were awake now. Baxter looking glum, Gengen feeling it was his fault, because he found and showed the group to Katuum. Big Bob was feeling like an idiot, because if his I.Q. would have been higher, they would have found him earlier and maybe saved Minion (he wasnt dead yet, but pretty near it), but Hanger was feeling the worst, for he knew something was wrong with the Tasman. Scaler was crying but pointing out the good parts to his friends, Gengen, dont look so sad, all of us would have done the same thing in your place. Big Bob, you are a very good person, if you had been smarter, you wouldnt have found him in the first place, and wed all be dead. And Hanger, you have good insights, if you had not figured out that it was in Minions tent, he would be long dead right now, not just in critical condition. So they started back toward Golem Village, each and every one of them, to help their friend. They hurried, never resting, never sleeping. Will they make it?

Chapter 5: The Golem Village

Nobody spoke. Nobody wanted to speak. Scaler was barely dragging himself along. He was past crying, he was in shock. Baxter was walking grimly, not as hurt as everyone else (Minion and Baxters family warred a long time ago), but he didnt know Minions possible death could be this devastating to his friends, so he felt bad too. Gengen was shedding tears. Big Bob hadnt stopped crying, he felt it was his fault for being stupid. Deed was hurt to see Scaler this way, and he was hugged by everyone for saving him. Zimbo was trying to comfort everyone, he knew what it was like to lose a dear one. (Refer to chapter 2 if you dont know what Im talking about.) Hanger felt the worst, maybe a little better then Scaler, but he knew that something was wrong with Katuum. Suddenly, they saw a pure Golem attending to his cornfield on the outskirts of town. The group picked up their pace, and rushed toward the hospital. The houses in the dusty town were empty, Hanger noticed, and the only Golem they saw (other than Big Bob) was the farmer Golem in the outskirts of town. When they passed City Hall, they saw a huge crowd of monsters. The whole town was there! That was not good, because the hospital is right next to City Hall. Out of the way, people, Scaler called, but no one listened. Did you hear? Out of the way! Gengen called. OUT OF THE WAY! Big Bob yelled, but no one listened. Baxter didnt like Minion, but this was just insane. A hurt monster, near death, and no one would move. GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! he screamed. IF I HAVE TO SAY THAT ONE MORE FREAKEN TIME, SOMEONE IS GONNA PAY!!! Oooh, Im scared, said a smart-ass Dao. That was just not a good choice to make. YOU ANNOYING LITTLE PIG! (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (BEEP!) (He used some language I wont repeat.) YOU ARE A PESKY LITTLE FLY!!! OH, YES, YOU ARE A FLY, AND I KNOW HOW TO KILL FLIES! FLYSWATTER ATTACK! And with that, he turned into a Flyswatter, like the Flyswatter attack does, but this was a HUGE Flyswatter. I mean it. It was maybe four to five stories tall, and Golems that saw it told the story to their grand kids, who didnt believe them. Anyway, it smacked the Golem, making a 40-foot hole in the ground. Everyone got out of their way. Thank you, Baxter said pleasantly. Is there a doctor or nurse in the house? Twenty Golems immediately stepped up. Okay, this monster needs medical care. NOW!! The Golems went to work, but a large Golem stepped forward. The cost is 30,000 Gold. If you dont got da money, you dont got the treatment. They scraped up money from everyones savings, and they had left over: 1 Gold. The Golems went to work on Minion, and Scaler started asking questions. Hanger, how the hell did you know that Katuum was going to Minions tent? Well, you see, Katuum talked with the same slang as the three Katos that Minion killed, his eyes burned with hatred every time Minion was around, and he was scruffy and smelled like the Katos. First I thought I must be imagining things, then I thought he might be from the same area, and at last my suspicions were confirmed, Hanger answered nervously. Okay. Next question. Deed, you hate Minion, and Minion hates you, so why did you save him? I never said I hated him. I-I-I just didnt want you to be sad, so I saved him. The group went quiet as the truth dawned on them. Okay, Scaler said. Now to ask the big one. He turned to the nearest Golem, a Big Blue (Golem/Tiger. Yes, it is a real monster.) Why the crowd? Scaler asked. The Big Blue kept glancing nervously at Baxter. Well, the mayor died of a heart attack this gray and dreadful morning, and any Golem-even your friend-may run for mayor. Gengen looked at the one gold coin that was the only money they had, and he had an idea. He took Big Bob and went into the corner, speaking with him. I have an idea, he told his friends. Im going to train this here Golem in Intelligence. That is a very good idea, Scaler said. However, we have no ranch, and cannot afford one. I know of a Jell trainer near these parts, Big Bob said (Yes, thats me!) He will assist Gengen in training me. You guys stay here. We will be back in a month. And so Big Bob and Gengen traveled to a city, where people looked at them and shouted Where are your masters?When they finally got to a large house and stable, they looked in the window of the house. A woman noticed them (Colt) and let them inside. There were a lot of people there, and they introduced themselves. Always nice to see Jells in here. Im Luka, but you have to call me JellTrainer. These are my friends, stupid, Wheel Gator, Francisco Rodriguez (did I spell that right?) Bloodshed, and RNA, and The Man. (If I didnt include you, dont be mad. I chose a limited amount of people.) That talking lion over there is named Celious, and that smart eagle you see over there is called Eagle Fierce. Eagle has been watching you lately, so I knew you were going to come, JellTrainer said politely. We want- Gengen started. We know what you want, you want to train him in INT! Did you even listen to Jell? He- Colt, JellTrainer said. Yeah? Colt asked Shut up and go away. Yes, sir. Everyone in the room clapped. Its about time, Celious grumbled. Now, with the help of my fried chickens-er, I mean friends,(Bloodshed and stupid kick him in the butt.) Ow! I was just joking, jeez! Anyway, with the help of my friends, we can get you 300 points smarter in a week! After that we cant help, we have the Major 4 battles coming up. Youd better work up an appetite, Celious cooked! And you want to fill up on his cooking! (I remember that gross chat room incident, dont you? When I tried to eat Celious by accident? EWWWWW!) Lets start! So they trained and trained and trained, then finally, Big Bob got to taste Celious orange chicken. After a week, Big Bob felt much smarter. E=MC squared, he recited. So they went back to Golem Village, but before they went, The Man, RNA, Francisco, and Wheel Gator approached them. We got a present for you, Gengen, for doing this, they said, and handed him a permit! YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! he yelled. No Dark Temple for us!!!! So they went back and had the election. Big Bob made the top three. With 30 seconds left to vote, Minion woke up and first everyone made him vote for Big Bob, then came the hugging and happiness. Then, Big Bob.......won the election by 1 vote!!! As everyone was celebrating, Gengen thought this would be a good time to show the permit. He showed it to everyone, and there was a stunned silence. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Minion shouted from his wheelchair. HA HA! This is no doubt the greatest day of our journey yet! The first thing Big Bob had to do was give a speech, then he whipped them all into the Rock House (like the White House) and gave them 50,000 Gold. I can afford it, he said. So the Jells continue their great journey to defeat the evil Burner, and hopefully, they will finish it.

Chapter 6: Dead Information

We need to make up a song that we sing in battle. You know what Im talking about. Like a war cry. Scaler was trying to convince the rest of the group. Okay, chill, Gengen said, laughing. Well think of something. And we are NOT going to sleep without a good song, Scaler said firmly. Everyone laughed. Scaler was the organized type of guy, so when he read a book where the heroes had a war song, he wanted one too. For hours the Jells tried to think up a song, and they were having fun. How come Deed gets to sleep and we dont? Hes in the group too! Minion complained. Think up a song and we can sleep, okay? And stop whining. Deed is his pet, you are never gonna win this one, Baxter said grumpily. Minion wanted to sleep so bad, but he could not because of the song thing, and he remembered a Dana Carvey song (for those of you who dont know who Dana Carvey is...I CANT BELIEVE YOU DONT KNOW WHO DANA CARVEY IS!!!) So Minion sang it Dead dog lying in a ditch, cigarette smoker has an itch! Everyone hated it, but from then on, that was their war battle cry. Anyway, weeks later, they got to the big gates. The Durahans were busy packing up their supplies. Uh, hello? Minion called out. Oh! I forgot about you people, the big Durahan said. So, where is your permit? Or do you have one? Gengen flashed the permit, and the Durahans opened the gate. But Minion stopped. And you are packing up because... We are packing up because we dont want to fight with the 10th troop. If you were smart, you would stop your journey right now and go home. We may be the Mighty Fifteen Durahans, but we cannot even dream of beating the tenth troop, the large Durahan answered. Suddenly, Hanger noticed something that all the others had missed. I see only fourteen Durahans, he said suspiciously. You are missing one. Suddenly, the large Durahan looked very afraid. Where is FireSheild? Please dont say the teller was right! What teller? Baxter asked. Two days ago, a fortune teller came by and told us The leader of the troop is among you. Do not trust, or you will feed his lust for blood. He is evil, and you will never live against him. She was talking about the Garuda, FireShield. Im sorry, but we have to go, he said, sounding scared. Should have listened, should have listened. They may leave, but we go on. At least I do. Anyone want to say something? Yeah, Baxter stepped up angrily, I have something to say. I say, none of us thought this would be serious, okay? We thought that we would give up after a day or so. But instead, you are over here willing to risk our lives fighting in a war we cant hope to win. Mr. Freezes death made me scared this was serious, and I realize how tough the worst squad is. Now you want us to go and fight a the lowest troop in which the strongest monsters in both FIMBA an IMa couldnt defeat. And we stand no chance, and Im sure I will not get out of this alive. So, call me coward, but I am saving my own skin, and Im going home. You all think you are being brave, but in fact the word for this is stupid. You all think I am a coward, but it is in fact smart. I know I am the quit, naive one, the young one, the dumb one, the one big-shot Minion hates, but I am entitled to whatever I want. Im going home, and nothing in this world can change that. Baxter made a huge impact on his speech, and gained much respect for it. You must think he is a chicken, but I doubt YOU would have even gone on this trip. It takes a lot of guts to say things like that, belive me, I know. Minion seemed taken aback. You are both right and wrong, we need to save ourselves, yet, you NEVER give up. EVER. I didnt really like you, but I respect you for going through all this with us. But- He was interrupted when a Prince Hare runner came by. What armies did was they sent out Hares to check up on things, then ran back to tell them. Muse Villige report in, the Hare said breathlessly. The Jells all leaned in, for, you guessed it, they came from Muse! Anyway, the Hare was looking sad. Muse has been burned down by Burners army. The Jells all jumped up, and the large Durahan asked the question that was on everyones mind. Can you tell me the number of survivors, please? he asked. The Hare looked down at the ground and didnt answer. Haaree, please tell me the number of survivors, the Durahan asked again. Zero, sir, he said sadly. No,no. It is impossible! Baxter, Gengen, Minion, and Scaler were crying. Mom... Minion said, begging. My brother who took care of me, cried Gengen. Father. You said you would never leave me, Scaler cried. My mother...she...Baxter said, and he couldnt finish his sentance. Suddenly, Baxter looked older. Never mind what I said, lets get this bitch. So they continued thier journey with the large Durahan named Trojan joining them. Two weeks later, they heard shouting in the brush. But you cant leave me. I cant survive alone! one voice was shouting. I must. I must recover myself, it is my way of dying, an old and intelligent Phoenixs voice rang out. Gengen looked in, and there was a young Priarocks arguing with an old Phoenix. Hello, Gengen said, for he knew there was only one evil Phoenix, and that was the one in Burner. Why, hello there. the Phoenix said. Then the Priarocks expalained that he wanted to kill Burner, but the old Phoenix was past his time. So Gengen suggested that he join the group, and Scorpio the Priarocks agreed. So they got a new comrad, and they continued walking. One night Hanger snuck into Minions tent and told him I dont like the look in Scalers eyes. It looks like-you know. The Bloodlust is coming when he sees the tenth troop. That is not good. Minion looked scared for his friend, for once the Bloodlust is triggered, you are invincable, but you die. Something inside snaps. There is a cure that has happened once in the history of the world. No one knows what triggers it. Well, we cannot stop the Bloodlust, we can only hope that it is not the Bloodlust, only anger. However, we can find out if it is only anger or not. If we cut him and he bleeds black, Minion said. And I have an idea how. So he woke up Deed and told him his plan. Then they all went to sleep.

-- Wheel Gator (, March 12, 2000


Great! Thank you! The only problem is you cut off the end of Ch.6. BTW, I'm planning to put one of your characters in...

-- JellTrainer (, March 13, 2000.

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