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I thought I would start some thoughts and where we are at, and what we are trying to do with this webzine thing. This way we can see if we are all on the same page, and can help communicate and add to where we are all at.

1. Journey: We want an atmosphere that we are all on a journey together. We all have a piece of the puzzle to supply. Hopefully the website is a place to share and compare notes: i.e.

Oh yeah I went down that trail and this is what I found..... What experience did you have?

2. We don't want to present ourselves as experts.... but fellow travelers.

3. We want to emphasize the essence of what we are doing, and avoid labels.... that take on a life of their own i.e.

Relational Participatory Christianity...... I think that says alot. And it is has not become a label yet.

How can we share the essence of this free life in Christ that is relational and participatory.......

4. We want to emphasize what we are for, and not what we are against.


Well I could say alot more.... but I must run and spend time with the kids..

Where is everyone else at on this vision th

-- Barry Steinman (, March 12, 2000

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