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Ron Wayne & I had some time when Wayne was down to talk about the web design we have come up with so far.


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Wayne's concern was the way we were showing the journey motif, seemed to imply a start point (base camp) and a finsih point (summit). The down side to this is the implication that some are further along in the journey than others. This non verbal implication could turn some people off.

My heart is to have us present that we are all on a journey together, and that different ones have different pieces of the puzzle to share.

So Ron is trying to come up with a design that will display more of a journey, without emphasizing start and finsih points, possibly showing a circular trail, with different starting off points......

Any feedback,

Your bro

-- Barry Steinman (barry@discountchristian.com), March 12, 2000


Good idea Barry. Since we know that the journey is more of an inward one, perhaps the circular (moving inward, i.e., inside the mountain) may be really workable.

I've shared some thoughts with Wayne in the past about the book I've written called IN YOUR PRESENCE. It involves the journey from the base of the mountain to the summit, and begins with the very human perspective of looking up and thinking, 'how do I get there?' The essence of it though, reveals that we don't arrive at the summit in the traditional way. We must start with shedding all of our 'hiking clothes' and come naked before Him without our preconceived ideas of 'how to' get there. I'd like to send you the preface if it is okay. I think it describes a little bit more about the journey we are all talking about, and perhaps could be of some help as the web design unfolds.

Just a suggestion,-- don't feel obliged to use it. However, at the very least it will share a bit more of my own heart regarding this awesome journey. :-)

As far as the Thursday night chats online, I can participate by 9 o'clock eastern time. I'm class that night and don't get home til then. Sounds like it would work with your 6 p.m. slot.

Warmly, in Christ, Stephanie

-- Stephanie Bennett (Steffasong@aol.com), March 13, 2000.

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