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My Canon EF has a healthy appetite for PX-625 Batteries. I heard or read somewhere that the electronics in the EF inclde a voltage regulator and that you can use the alkaline 625 replacement battery without worrying about exposure errors. Can someone confirm or debunk this? Thanks.


-- William Salati (, March 12, 2000


I have heard something like that also.

Best way would be to test it. Take the camera out along with a gray card. Meter with mercury cell, then change battery to a fresh alkaline, meter again. Check the difference. If little or none, you are fine.

Anyway, alkalines are good enough if you shoot color print film. The film has enough latitude to make up for the metering changes as the voltage changes.

-- Terry Carraway (, March 13, 2000.

Is true, it does have a regulator. I have an EF myself, and use alkalines. Meter is dead on. Love that EF!!!

-- Karl Wessendorf (, March 14, 2000.

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