HW #5 debugging

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Dave (or anyone that has their HW #5 running), I seem to be getting some odd numbers for HxTHx and HxTHc from my HW 5 code, so I'm trying to debug it to track down the source of my problem(s). I've determined that the problem does not appear to reside in the equations of my state and consider transition matrices (Phi and Theta_c). Short of the typos mentioned during the last class, my equations seem to generally agree with those posted on the course website. For example: rho = sqrt[x0^2 + L^2 + 2*x0*L*sin(theta)] Hxthilda = [(x0*L*thetadot)/rho 0. ] Hcthilda = [(x0 + L*theta)/rho 0. ] My theta and thetadot equations agree with those in the "Response to Consider Covariance?" message posted on 2/2/00. If it's not too difficult, could I get a copy of the values you are getting for rho, theta, and thetadot at T=1 and T=2 to compare with what I'm getting? This may help rule some other possible sources of error out.


-- Eric Rhoden (rhoden@colorado.edu), March 11, 2000

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