Rabbit question (breeding)

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Okay, here's what has happened so far:

Got a bunch of does & a couple bucks in January. In the first week of February (I THOUGHT) we introduced our lady rabbits to the gentlemen rabbits who immediately proceeded to demonstrate that they are NOT gentlemen!

Well, I learned the sad way that next time, I'll make sure to write the dates in the journal on the day it's done, not what seemed like a few days later. Turned out I was two weeks off in my calendar, and we lost 15 kits in one night because we hadn't put the nest boxes in with them yet. I thought dead kittens were a sad sight, but bunnies! I feel terrible and extremely STUPID.

Anyway, my question is, how soon can we try again with the ladies who have no surviving kits? I can't seem to find the answer to this particular question, probably because no one expects anyone to be so careless.

Thanks for any advice!

-- Arewyn (artemis31@email.msn.com), March 11, 2000

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