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Tim Mellstrom

March 10, 2000

Fast Company Article #3

December 1999 Page 86

MTW Puts People First

This article mentions how MTW, a major e commerce applications player, treats the workers that are employed by this multi-million dollar corporation. MTW is a team based company that allows for employee input and decision making opportunities. The teams explore new areas that allow for great research and development in the technologies area. Their is a council that makes the executive decisions, however each council member is a leader or representative of the various sub-groups within the company.

MTW is also very concerned with the employees personal lives. MTW has the philosophy that a happy workers personal life would make a happy worker. Individuals can take days off to care for elderly or disabled parents or children. This flexiblity allows for happy workers and a more productive employee.

MTWs main goal is to get the trust of the employees, the freedom allowed as a worker lend for great working conditions. This allows for employee satisfaction and excellent productivity which results in customer satisfaction.

I believe the the philosophy of MTW is one that puts the focus on the employee. The working conditions are excellent and allows for the workers to have personal lives as well as a successful career. The employees have a direct role in managing and decision making which is vital to the success of the company. The company allows for personal lives, were they can spend time with their family

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2000

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