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I just put a new 550E machine together with a new ATI 128 All in Wonder 32 meg card.. I setup a few test captures with the card set to 30FPS/8,000,000 Bitrate/20 Motion Est. Just to see how good good could be and to see if the new machine would handle the load. I still have to play around with the setting. I used NTI CD Maker to create the VCD and burned the disk on CDR media. When I played the disk in my pioneer 525 DVD player it didn't play the disk till I searched to track one. Once it found the track it played the VCD but it was in slow motion. If I hit pause and then un-pause it would play at normal speed for a second and then slow back down again. Is this due to the player or to the setting I have set up to make the capture? I still have to play aroudn with them to get the right size/quality. Can anyone suggest what the problem is or the right capture settings? Thanks to this group I was able to at least capture/burn/play a VCD first time out so I have to say thanks for that already..^_^

Thank you in advance for any help.

-- Chris (, March 10, 2000


Pioneer DVD-525 player can handle well up to the bit rate of 2500KB/s. This machine will choke at a higher bit rate than 2.5MB/s.


-- Keyman (, March 10, 2000.


You are going beyond DVD(6000kb/s) bitrate there :) At this time VCD, XVCD, or SVCD are the only format so far that can be written to CD-R/CD-RW disc(playable on stand alone DVD). The max bitrate of an mpeg1 VCD compliant is 1150kb/s. If you want to make XVCD or SVCD then max it out at 2600kb/s. Anything beyond that stand alone DVD players will choke.

-- (, March 10, 2000.

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