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Tim Mellstrom

March 10, 2000

Fast Company Article #2

Women are canaries in the coal mine of power January-February 2000 This article deals with the lack of influential women role models in the corporate sector. It also discusses what it takes to be a real good leader and what all good leaders have in common. Most of the leaders are ones that take chances and live on the wild side. They think and act outside of the traditional box, which allows them to be creative or think in a creative manner. Most of these individuals have been able to control their fear if they have any fear at all.

Most of the successful women in the business industry are ones that do things out of the ordinary. The examples shared were people like Madonna and Sigourney Weaver these individuals have been very successful business people. The reason is that they do not do things that others are doing they live on the edge and take chances.

Most of the new businesses that are started today are started by women, the article relates the success of these business based on the unique and different business that are started to being very successful, however most of these businesses are common and not very new thus the success rate is fairly low. Regardless of whether a business is started by a male or female the more unique and different the business is, the better the chances of success.

I really enjoyed the article dealing with the success of people and how those that are successful and powerful are people who are not afraid to take a chance. This is also a key component in teaching kids. The teacher needs to take chances and try different strategies. Developing new materials and strategies will enchance to overall curriculum and make learning more pleasant and fun. Yes learning can be fun. A teacher that isnt afraid to take a chance on new activities and teaching style will be more successful. When a teacher is more successful, that means that kids are the big winners. The students will gain more knowledge and will also learn to take chances in life that will allow them to be more successful in whatever they choose to do.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2000

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