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Tim Mellstrom

March 9, 2000

Fast Company Article #1

So What are we to make of this....

Page 266 March 2000 Edition

I found the article by Tony Schwartz to be very interesting and disturbing. The article mentions and focuses on people and the inability to communicate to their employees and their families. The people that are written about are top executives earning hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly millions of dollars a year and are running large businesses.

Fred Kiel and his partners at KRW International are coaches in the business world they counsels the top executives in the corporate world. KRW gathers data from the clients work place and family life. They interview fellow workers and family members on a variety of topics such as emotions and leadership skills as well as parenting and spousal skills. KRW will then approach the client and usually the client will deny most of the findings that are perceived as negative comments, especially from the workers. When the results from the family data show a similar pattern, when compared to work place data, the client usually will use the feedback to improve communication skills and managing techniques.

KRW Internationals coaching techniques to improve job skills in leadership training allows for top executives to manage their workers in a productive manner. It allows for employees to work in a environment that is conducive for maximum efficiency and creativity. KRW coaching opens the lines of communication from the boss to the worker and allows for personal feelings to be put aside so the focus is on the job at hand.

KRW International not only puts focus in the work place but also in the family. When the family is running smooth that makes for a better work place. The focus of the family opens the lines of communication between the husband and wife and the children. The boss at work is not necessarily the boss at home.

The work place and the home are situations were cooperation is needed from all. Communication skills like listening and talking are vital for the success of any relationship whether it is personal or business.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2000

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