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I was thinking of getting a card for MPEG-2 and TV tuning as well as DVD playback and such. My question is, does the ATI All In Wonder 128 produce good quality MPEG video when captured at VCD 2.0 settings? How well do the MPEG's captured at VCD 2.0 settings compare to those of a Dazzle, Snazzi, MP10, and other realtime mpeg-1 devices?


-- MrVCD (, March 10, 2000



Dazzle=Snazzi=MP10=ATI at VCD bitrates. The only thing that the ATI has an advantage over the other is the motion estimation slider which acts as a low pass filter. This filter reduces the square pixelization but not all together eliminates them. This function works with the GOP settings and your CPU. The lower the GOP ratio the higher the quality setting on the slider and the less CPU requirement your system needs. If you want the best settings out of these, then you have to have the hardware to support it, so that frame dropping will not be an issue.

This card produces good quality mpeg2 clips (no blockiness). The default settings on this card for mpeg2 is 4200kb/s for video bitrates. You can select up to 8000kb/s on this card for video bitrates for both mpeg1 and mpeg2 settings. One thing this card has is a lot of knobs for you to play with.

Hope this will answer some of your questions.

-- lnguyen (, March 10, 2000.

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