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Whats the max time for a 700MB or 800MB CD-R for a VCD and SVCD?

-- Rogan Josh (, March 09, 2000


I didn't know there was such thing as 800mb CD-R, where can i get those?

Anways for a 700mb CD-r the time is 80min I believe for VCD, and as far as SVCD, since SVCD is VBR, it could be whatever you want.

-- MrVCD (, March 09, 2000.

I think you mean 74 minute and 80 minute CDR. These are capacity figures for audio (CDDA) files. VCD files on these media are approx 65 and 70 minutes respectively.

-- Garth Bird (, March 09, 2000.

you can fit 74mins of video and audio on a video cd. On a super vcd for a 74min cdr you can get about 32mins. For an 89min cdr you can get about 34min

-- Doug (, March 09, 2000.

whoops that should be for an 80min cdr not an 89 min my typing strikes again

-- Doug (, March 09, 2000.

you can fit more than 32min of svcd on one disc since it doesn't have a fixed bitrate. So it's a judgement of quality vs quantity. Max 2600kbps

-- gekko (, January 24, 2002.

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