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Team Members:

Some good news and bad news.

Good News: Dr. Born and Dave have decided to cancel HW#6!

Bad News: It has been decided instead to have a PDR (Preliminary Design Review) for the Project in two weeks during class (3/22).

This will consist of short presentations from EACH of the topics/team members describing the algorithm they are proposing to use. This should include the real equations that will be used, in some sort of logical readable format like a table or flowchart or Input/Output structure, etc. This is not to include all the background info, but just the equations and I/O that would go into the simulation itself.

This will really help the system integration function and keep everyone going and not waiting until the end (front loaded, right?).

Also, it seems that most people like using Powerpoint to do the presentations. I think it would be a good idea to post these presentations on the web so that we can refer back to them. Please mail your presentations to Dave after you give them and he will find a good spot on the Project page so we all can link to them anytime.


-- Brian W. Lathrop (, March 09, 2000

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