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Timebomb 2001 is here just in case we need a place to talk freely. I hope it's never needed. The TBSpinoff Uncensored Board is an amazing example of grassroots activism that really worked!

The great central parks and squares of the United States have been privatized or left to decay into ruins. I miss those central gathering places where you could combine the desire to meet, talk and rendevous with the magic of luck and coincidence.

May God Bless our Endeavours....

-- Farenheit 451 (, March 09, 2000


I too wish prosperity on 2001. It will never wrought, the feat we fought, internally from FY2000. It was a mission, to those involved. And only They, knew their mission. Hard task, but we did it. Jesus, can't you now send me the Lottery win?

-- Aftermath (, December 16, 2000.

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