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The process of replacing the mascot: What is the Board doing? What is the administration doing? What are the students doing? What are the Indian mascot supporters doing?

What about the struggle in other towns? Report any updates here, useful contacts.

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2000


One of my daughter's sixth grade friends called my husband (Edward Ripley-Duggan) yesterday and asked him about his letter last week in the Woodstock Times. She was very earnest, asked some good questions. Rumor has it (at least among the Bennett 6th graders) that the new mascot will be the pelican.

Looks like our kids are not only ignorant of the history of racism, but are ornithologically challenged as well. [sigh]

What is the planned process for the mascot replacement? Who is in charge? I'd like to suggest right now that while it would be empowering for the kids to work on artwork to support their choices, I'd like to see a professional do the final artwork on any logos etc. Some amateur just did an eagle (?) on a bumpersticker-type thing for Bennett that resembles a puffin (which we see around Ulster County about as frequently as pelicans).

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2000

Good idea about the blank paper and markers, Donna.

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School Mascot links: The Mascot Net Advice on many aspects of performance, costumes, etc for school mascot actors

My daughter Alison suggests the "Onteora Otters," since they are an animal native to the area that is intelligent and playful.

I'd say that while the Thundercats look pretty cool, they are undoubtedly copyrighted and you don't want more chances of lawsuits at this point.

Concepts to consider in picking a new mascot: Is it gender-free? Our female athletes deserve to be represented by the mascot as much as our male athletes.

Is it violence free? With increasing levels of violence in American schools and many incidents of violent behavior by professional athletes, we don't need to increase the level of aggression that we support institutionally.

Can it be easily depicted with our red and white school colors?

Does it say something positive about a characteristic of our district, such as an animal that is native to the area, rather than something that has no connection?

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2000

Question: what year was the Onteora Indian mascot established?

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2000

From Josh, who had indeed thought the meeting was Thursday:

"Haven't gotten a chance to really check out the BBS, just browsed briefly. I did, however, bring up our moving ahead idea at todays Student Affairs Council, and we unanimously agreed(even those opposed to the change) to move ahead. We printed up a new mascot vote ballot, have begun planning steps along the way, and will be working this out with administration(hopefully) in the next couple of weeks, or sooner. I don't have everyone else's e-mail address, so maybe you can pass along the info to them...

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2000

At our community meeting March 26 (providing I get hall nailed down today), how about having a huge paper on which people can brainstorm mascot ideas? It could be blank except for "The Onteora...." with markers provided. Or, to get it going a little sooner, such a thing could be at Color's fundraiser Sunday, perhaps? Of course, the real contest would be at the school, but these events could get ideas flowing...

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2000


I believe the mascot was established in 1952.


Great idea except let's be sure that we keep with our original mission for this meeting. Just educational, no pressure.

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2000

I don't think the Disrtrict was formed until 1953, and Joe Doan has been furiously trying to find if and when the mascot was adopted by and resolution, etc. I think it just sorta kinda happened. Tobe

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2000

A pig. They are going to be fervently declaiming to future Boards of Ed, "I'm a Pig. Being an Onteora Pig means a lot to me."

Somehow I don't see it. The protest vote is willing to saddle future generations with this?

Um, are there any faculty or administration working with the mascot committee?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2000

Hey, just reporting what i was told...But perhaps it's meant as a "protest" vote by those who "can't" vote of the "Indian".

Oh well.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2000

Carol, yeah, at some future Board meeting when the Onteora Pig is being retired (there having been protests by an itinerant group of outsiders who found it offensive)...the cheerleader sobs into the microphone, "All my life I've been a pig..."

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2000

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