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We now have this bulletin board to help us communicate.I think it may be a useful way of exploring all the ideas we raise in a more structured manner.

Let's try to keep our headers informative so we know what to expect from the threads, and try to either keep to the subject or start new threads.I'll seed a few threads to start with, feel free to develop the board from there.

For obvious reasons,given that this is a private BBS I think we should only give out the password after we know someone sufficiently well, and then only once we have gotten agreement from the rest of the group.

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2000


You should note that one of the quirks of this interface is that it throws the answer of the forum maintainer to the top of the list. So things I post may seem to precede comments I am responding to. Will have to look into whether there is anything I can do about that.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2000

Dear Group, Yesterday there was an all day Board meeting of Mohonk Consultations, Inc. on which I currently and newly serve. This topic in which we are all engaged was discussed at length there. More people in a position to help were more deeply informed and there is now a sub-committee of the Board focussing on this issue. It consists of myself, Clare Danielson, a conflict resolution mediator and worker of high caliber in the community and Airy Dickson (I'm not sure of his last name). He is the newest member of the Board. There is great concern as well as support for the issues being raised here and we can expect this to work out by engaging more and wider community support. The Board was also careful to understand that there are acutally many themes here and they deserve a wide look as well. Clare will be meeting with someone (again, don't know the name)from the Justice Dept on Wednesday the 22nd. and will also be at the meeting Monday in Woodstock. Speak with you all later,

Barbara Overby

Is this the right place to put this kind of info? I'm not too computer savvy

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2000

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