Why call a story "The Apple Tree?"

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I don't understand why this story is named "The Apple Tree?" What relationship does a tree and a man falling off a chair have? There are numerous times in the story when the apple tree is mentioned but I am missing the connection. Does it have anything to do with the one house being beautiful and spotless while the other one with the tree in the yard is just an ordinary house?

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2000


It has to do with the comparison between the pear tree and the apple tree. The old lady can't see why the Maddox's should have such a beautiful tree when they don't do anything to or for it. HER pear tree is carefully pruned and worked with, and it barely gives any fruit at all.

Freeman appears to be saying that being overly fussy and domineering leads to stunted growth, not abundant growth. The Maddox's are healthy and happy, the old couple are not. They are too stifled and controlled in their lifestyle.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2000

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