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I am having a problem with the bbMPEG encoder and the All in Wonder 128. When I capture a MPEG1 (any setting) with the AIW and I try to re-encode it with bbMPEG, I am having a problem with the outcoded audio stream. Instead of a nice, crisp sounding stream, I have a very metallic sounding stream (granted, I can hear my original stream through all of the machine noises). If I capature using the AIW128 as an AVI stream and then re-encode as a MPEG1 using bbMPEG, I do NOT have this problem.

I have tinkered with several of the settings (including the audio capture buffers, etc.).....anybody come across this with a solution?


-- ggalindo (, March 08, 2000


Yeah, I noticed the same problem and am just starting to figure a work around. I captured 352x480 D2 using MPEG-1 I-frame only at 4 Mbs just to get a good video before recompressing to VCD format using bbMPEG.

But I get (1) garbled sound, and (2) non-working VCD output. When I capture using ATI AIW 128 in YUV9 mode, it recompresses fine with decent audio... makes me think it's a problem with the input mpeg1 filter?

-- Bill Katz (, March 30, 2000.

Are you guys getting through the encode without bbMPEG giving errors or not finding imformation it needs to encode the file completely?

I have used it for Mpeg1 and CBR & VBR mpeg2 in a testing mode and provided it gets through without errors or underuns the file plays OK on the computer.

Interesting how we all have so many different problems - maybe the name says it all "AVI to Mpeg" and anything else is a bonus. Maybe its time to switch to Panasonic if it does not work reliably!

-- Ross McL (, March 31, 2000.

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