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Liberty Gazette

Five members of the notorious emoticon sect declared a hunger strike and a vow of silence today in solidarity with it's brother faction the "TEXT EGUIVALENTS"

In a statement released by Rep. :\ Ohwell (D) Internet,the five participating in the peaceful resistance are:





*and Tired

In contention is the oft used phrase and creedo "THIS IS THE END OF IT PERIOD !"."To slander such a faithful and steadfast member of this community is unacceptable,we resent the contempt and abuse we have endured at the keyboards of our new masters"

In a related story,Period has gone underground and has stated that when he grows up he hopes to become one of the next generation of Emoticons; a talking and opinionated Emoticon but knows he will have to seek asylum at TB2K Uncensored to realize his full potential.

Happy Emoticons half brother "TEXT EQUIVALENT" ":D" escaped earlier today and has defected on moral principles saying that his name is an ancient symbol for smile and NOT a trigger command for delete.


We have learned from underground sources that the dastardly Emoticon Tongue has been captured and is scheduled at sunrise for oral castration.

Film at 11:00.

-- capnfun (, March 08, 2000


Don't be embarressed. Only dweebs know what emoticons are---

Sec ond that emoticon

-- Lars (, March 08, 2000.

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