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Recently, I had to take action, in order to protect the professional protocol and courtesy (to be) followed in these BB discussions. An anonymous message contained primitive, profane language. I edited that message and a reference to it, leaving the general contents intact. Another option would have been to eliminate that message. I will consider that option and, if necessity should arise, more drastic responses.

I can only see very few reasons for choosing an anonymous sender address, and I strongly discourage anyone from using such an address. What could be the reason for making an anonymous statement on an open forum? Obviously, the author doesn't want to take responsibility for it. Is it perhaps, because he/she could not defend or justify the statement publicly?

I believe, our deliberation focusses on common issues which we should discuss with consideration and respect for each other. Only then can we expect to gain from such interactions. I am glad that the overwhelming majority of the BB contributors adhere to these values.

Best regards,

W. Udo Schroeder

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2000

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