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Fast Company Article Summary

March 2000

Tim Everson

I found Amy Wilsons article All in the Family in the March 2000 issue of Fast Company to hit home with me. The article talks about how the 24 hour economy has caused many to find little time left for family. By the time customers, colleagues, and investors are taken care of the day is almost done. Im not involved with investors, but I do find that I seem to always have something to do. Since starting the Masters program, my free time is very limited. Having two small boys at home, I find it more and more important to make time for them, regardless of my busy schedule.

Wilson mentions CEO, Craig Forman. is a Web site that helps people make better use of their time. I visited the site and found it to be very informative.

In order to make sure that Forman stays in contact with his wife and son, he schedules a weekly meeting with them each Sunday night at 6:30. At these meetings his family discusses the details and schedules of the coming week. This meeting allows his family to communicate with each other and let each other know whats going on in their lives. During the meetings, nothing interrupts them. This means no phone calls, no television, and no visits from friends. According to Forman, quality is the key to making these meetings work. Since his family doesnt have much time together, he wants the time that they do share to be special. Not only do they discuss their schedules at these meetings, but they also discuss issues that are bothering them. At one meeting Forman explains how his son expressed how important inline skating was to him by asking his parents when they were going to learn to skate. Prompted by the comment, both Forman and his wife learned to inline skate.

I hope that my life never becomes so complicated that I have to schedule weekly meetings with my family. I think that the constant list of meetings and appointments needs to stay at work. I was just thinking this morning how Im looking forward to next school year when my life will be much less complicated. I will no longer have class every Wednesday and I will have my research paper done. Right now these things take much of my time. This is not to say that I havent enjoyed the process of getting my Masters degree, I just am looking forward to a slower paced life where I have more time to spend with my family. I am lucky to have a very understanding and supportive wife to pick up the slack at home while Im been away working on projects. She too is looking forward to me finishing up so that Ill be home more often.

The thought of living a life where I was away from home regularly for work would not sit well with me. I enjoy the time spent with my family too much. Although I like to make money, if Im not home to enjoy my family, it just isnt worth it.

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2000

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