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Hi folks,

I have a yen to try using selenium to tone my prints. My question is whether selenium is useful for prints developed on RC paper? Thanks for sharing...

Robb Reed

-- Robb Reed (, March 07, 2000


Rob: I routinly tone my show prints made on Kodak Polycontrast III in selenium. I do not go for a very large color shift...just enough to take the green tint out of the paper and to intensify the image. My procedure is as follows: process the print normally, fix for three minutes in Kodak Fixer (from powder), rinse for 3-5 minutes, then into a non-hardening fixer for three minutes. I have had the best results using Ilford fix for the second fixing bath. You can use the liquid rapid fix and don't add the hardener. Then into a 1-20 or 1-30 dilution of selenium toner for about 5 minutes. Don't drain the print between the fix and the selenium. Then give the normal wash. If you want a more pronounced color shift, reduce the dilution of the selenium. I find the "E" surface paper tones quite well. Hope this helps, Doug. There are those who will tell you that RC will not tone, but I have made some beautifully toned prints with RC.

-- Doug Paramore (, March 07, 2000.

For a while I was printing a lot on Illford Multigrade RC, which some people say "doesn't tone." I routinely toned final prints, like Doug, just to cut the greenish cast and slightly intensify. About 3-5 min in 1:20 toner solution did it; much more and the color started to turn from nuetral to purple. Although the effect is subtle, it is quite evident when comparing toned and untoned prints.

-- Chris Patti (, March 07, 2000.

Robb should you require a more pronounced colour in an RC print, try Ilford's new Multigrade Warmtone RC,pearl surface. This gives a beautiful 'plummy-brown' colour in selenium diluted 1:9 and toned for about 1-2min. If you time it right you can even get a split tone.

-- Trevor Crone (, March 10, 2000.

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