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Seed Starting and Herbal Chat Thursday Evening

The FuturePrep Group will be holding an online Seed Starting and Herbal chat to be held Thursday evening March 9th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Brooksbie and Lilly will coordinate the chat. It will take place in the futureprep chat room. Futureprep Chat

You will need to register with Onelist to attend. (Its Free)

Make sure to click on the "Enter Room" icon below your "personal list" of onelist registrations.

Yinadral Global user (3/7/00 8:02:46 am)

Re: Seed Starting and Herbal Chat Thursday Evening

Wonderful. To those who haven't participated in these, I highly recommend them. We had a series of chats last spring, summer and fall that were a great help to many of us. Hey, Yin (and gang) - thanks from me personally for picking up the slack. I'll be there.

RussBigDog Administrator (3/7/00 8:53:19 am)

Re: Seed Starting and Herbal Chat Thursday Evening

TB2000's very own, Formerly, will be present. She is just amazing, having so much knowledge about herbs and their medical uses.

If you aren't able to make the chat, I will try to capture some of the tips and tricks and links presented and post them here and on the prep forum.

Big's spring. It isn't slack, it's not enough hours in a day that is the problem!

Lilly145 Global user (3/7/00 11:53:08 am)

-- Lilly (, March 07, 2000


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-- Lilly (, March 07, 2000.


Please do post the interesting tips and tricks, etc. from the chat. My system is old and only accomodates a 'refreshed' chat room, and there aren't many of those around anymore. The subject matter would be of interest to this forum I am sure.

-- Sammie (, March 07, 2000.



And to complicate matter even more, we have had to change the chat (but at the same time, evening and topic) to msn chat software. We tried last night with the onelist software, and they seem to have some "bugs".

Now the downside is msn is a wonderful chat room, but Apple users cannot use it! And I am so sorry to leave out our Mac users for this chat, but hopefully we can come up with something for the next chat.

For now, the chat has been changed to msn, and it requires a two minute download (I could do it, and that is saying alot).

Same time, Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. eastern time.

Sammie, can your older system accommadate the aol instant messenger?

URL of the chat for Thursday:

F uturePrep Chat

-- Lilly (, March 08, 2000.

Well, sniff, Sammie and I will just stay here. My computer can't handle what it has now, even a 2 minute download would crush it. Plus I'm using Win95 and Netscape 3.0, usually not new enough to accept current downloads without updating. Can't do it, and the computer can't handle it. I just lost my half million plus byte bookmark file as it is. Email program is freaking out again, sorry, but no boat-rocking chat for me.

Hey, Sammie, gotta tip for you. If you're troubled with root maggots in your radishes, grow them early and get them completely out of the garden before the maggots hit. Or grow them under floating row covers. Or grow kohlrabi as a late spring/summer substitute. Gerbil

-- Gerbil (, March 08, 2000.

Lilly sobbing now , (hands Gerbil a kleenex...he can keep it, and shred it and use it later for bedding)...fully realizing the implications behind a homesteader loosing their bookmark file...

Gerbil, I do have a large storehouse of links myself, if you have lost/are looking for anything in particular, let me know.

I just thought I had an old system. It is a Packard Bell, Windows 200 A.D. operating system, with Netscape Lookin' for the Indies Navigator.

Kohlrabi is one of the reasons I garden. Takes me back to the days when dad and I would head to the garden, with a salt shaker and knife, and feast.

-- Lilly (, March 08, 2000.

Lilly, so kind. Actually I can use any bookmarks relating to homesteading, gardening, preserving/butchering, livestock, that sort of thing. Anything like that that you want to dump into my hotmail account.

Yes, I have a bookmark problem. I also have a book problem. Hello, my name is Gerbil, and I aquire information. I cannot stand not knowing something, or at least not knowing where to go to find out.

This book mark dumping has got to stop though. I just got done recreating my bookmark file from a dump about a month ago. I'm too disheartened right now to do it again. I want to wade (this computer can't surf) out onto the internet and collect new stuff, not search desperately for what I had. Is there any way I can put sections of my bookmarks on floppies and use off of them? IE, all my gardening bookmarks on a floppy, all my knitting on another.

Oh, and Lilly, if you stick that tissue in a paper towel tube for me, I'll love you to pieces! Gerbil

-- Gerbil (, March 08, 2000.

LOL@Gerbil...will be dumping over the course of the next few days (just remember, you asked for it)! :-)

Now here is a suggestion. Will the bailin' twine and duct tape hold up on that ol' puter enough to create your own website? You can make a page, and it doesn't have to be public, just don't link anything too it, and use the one html command to make links, and you can dump bookmarks up to 5 or 10MB, depending on how much space the web host allows you.

My default opening browser page is a page I made that holds my most used bookmarks, it comes in real handy.

I "create" on tripod myself, other folks like their other file managers and web hosts just as much. So, do you want some html tutorial and web page creation bookmarks for starters? :-)

-- Lilly (, March 08, 2000.

Oh Lilly, even without the paper towel tube I'd love you forever. what a wonderful sneaky idea. I love sneaky ideas for some reason. So yes, let's start with the web page and html stuff. 5-10 MB outta hold me for a few days.... I'll check with my ISP to see if I have any web page space there, if not, is Tripod cheap or free? Gerbil (who reads books while waiting for web pages to load)

-- Gerbil (, March 08, 2000.


Your first "installment" of links is on the way.

I will only post the HTML tutorials here, some one else just might want to build a page. If I posted all of my bookmarks, MIT will need to buy more memory. :-)


yale ed. Kind of greek to me, but good tips about "balancing a page, and page creation" in general.

HTML Goodies. This is, in my opinion, the best for a beginner in html.

Maricopa Tutorials A close second to the above.

Delel oper.Com I think this is part of HTML Goodies (Earth Web), but it is more advanced; some good advice.

Summary Page This site lists some of the features of various free web pages. I checked it before I posted it here, and it hasn't been updated, there are alot of other free sites available on the web, but it gives a idea about some of the features on some of them.

Happy Building!

-- Lilly (, March 08, 2000.


Bless your heart. By you posting those links for Gerbil, you answered my post before I even posted it. :-)



-- me (, March 12, 2000.

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