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I am looking for information regarding the 'Bal Tabarin' nightclub. I think it existed in SF around 1940 +or -. I found an interesting ashtray from the Bal Tabarin and would like to know more.

-- Julie Dilley (, March 06, 2000


About all I can tell you is that it was opened in 1930 by Frank Martinelli and was located at Chestnut and Columbus in North Beach. It was fairly large and in the moderne style of architecture. I remember it being there in the late 1940's. I got he impression it was a pretty flashy kind of place.

-- Don Martinich (, April 30, 2000.

I knew it when it was owned by Tom Gerun in the late 40s. I was an announcer for KPO/KNBR (NBC) and dance remotes were done from the Bal Tabarin to the network. I remember in particular Ted Lewis Orchestra. Gerun was very generous and after the remote would take me, the engineer and the producer into the bar and tell the bartender, "Give these guys whatever they want." There is more info on Gerun at: My home site has lots of old San Francisco photographs. Bill

-- Bill Roddy (, May 06, 2000.

I came across your site while searching "google" for Bal Tabarin. I was watching "Biography" and they mentioned that Ann Miller was dancing there in the 30's when she got her big break.

-- Laurel Mohamed (, February 24, 2001.

Am doing research on Ted Lewis. He played at the Bal Tabarin in New York circa 1919-1921

-- Dawn Williams (, December 20, 2001.

My husband attended a performance at the Tabarin in either 1944 or 1945 when he was a Lt. with the 893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion. He sent me the program of the performance. The first page had in big letters the words "La Joie Renait" the next line was "Spectacle en trois voyages" The producers were Pierre Sandrini and Pierre Dubout. Among the dancers were Danielle Darmans and Gisy Varga. The program is not dated. I am hoping that some one will remeber something of this revue. I am trying to learn the date of my husband's Paris visit. The possibilities, I think, are August 25 -Sept. 1, 1944, Late December, 1944 through January 1945 or May 25 - June 5, 1945.

Thank you for helping. Mary Ellison

-- mary h ellison (, July 27, 2002.

In response to info reference to the Bal Tabarin. I have a menu in excellent condition from the club, not dated but would have been in the early to late 1940's. It states on the front that it was "The aristocrat of San Francisco night clubs" it was used for dining, dancing and entertainment. It was located at Columbus and Chestnut in S.F. The menu was a la carte and rather expensive for the time. Such prices as: Steak Bouquettiere (2) $4.50; Crepes Suzette (2) $3.00; Coffee .25 cents; N.Y. sirloin $3.00; chicken salad $1.00, etc. it offered a full line of everything plus an extensive wine list and bar drinks and beer.Wine at the time was sold by the pint or quart, not by the glass or bottle. A martini was listed as 40 cents; scotch, 40 cents; asti rouge champagne $3.00 a quart. It was interesting to review the prices of such an established night club. By Grandparents, Major and Mrs Carl P. Gearhart visited there often while they were statined there prior to and after the War.

-- Gerald (Jerry) Kennedy (GBK@HIGHTEC.COM), January 26, 2003.

The 'Bal Tabarin' has been called Bimbo's 365 club for many years. It now caters to private parties and banquets.

-- Vic Varesco (, July 16, 2003.

As a matter of interest, John Cassevetes filmed part of his movie "Shadows" at the Bal Tabarin in New York, probably around 1960, give or take a year.

-- Ernest Pennington (, August 12, 2003.

am also doing some research on the bal tabarin - but the one in montmartre which i believe existed in the 30's. Can anyone help with this - i am especially interested in the costumes worn by the cabaret since they were designed by erte

-- tanya reynolds (, July 06, 2004.

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