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We have been running Postershop V 4.2 on Windows 95 on a Gateway GP6-400 with 96 megs of ram and an 8 gig hard drive to an Encad Pro600e for about a year and a half. We frequently get the windows blue error screen when we begin a plot and have to reboot both the cpu and printer. The problem was happening with greater frequency (about 20% of all plots) so I did a low level format, formatted and installed Windows 98 and Postershop. We continue to get the blue screen just as frequently. The cpu has alway been quite stable otherwise.

Any suggestions?

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2000


Hi Peter, you probably expected somebody to tell you this: >Switch to WinNT or Win2000<. You get *much* better stability, especially when you handle large files. You also have a reliable Mac Connection and a fast one if you use Windows 2000 Server. I would not spend any precious time into debugging a Windows 98 System. Windows NT is the OS on which Postershop is developed and presented by ONYX. Sorry, but that is by far the best thing to try first.

Cheers Daniel

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2000

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