s88 marklin/motorola datastream format

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Hi, I am trying to build up my own decoder based on a AT90S2313. It is still working for the old Maerklin/Motorola datastream code (2 burst of 9 trits) for 80 engines (4 first trits), control on speed (4 last trits-14steps) and one extra function (the fifth trit). I try to find explanations for the new S88 or 6088 code from Maerklin. This code seems to have the same structure then the old one but the five last trits are dealed like bits (not as trits) in order to get more possibilities (more steps for speed and more funtions). I don't know what bit is linked to those extra functions. Could you please help me?

-- walter (walter.mota@irmm.jrc.be), March 06, 2000


not an answer, I'm looking for the same thing. I've found some specification at BOEING industries(it seems to be a standardised bus protocol)

other question: is your at90s2313 working ? i'm very interested as i see it as a substitute for the intellibox and want to design one for myself. Can i get something from you to start with, may be 2 can do more then one ?

kind regards, Erik

-- (erik.moerman@alcatel.be), June 26, 2002.


On this site (german language)


a selfmade decoder based on Maerklin can be found.

I hope this site will help you.


-- Robert (r.evers@hi.nl), May 05, 2003.

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