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The Council of Comrades was founded 3 resets(dated from 06/03/2000) ago by XARGONAX (which is me!). We were originally comprised of pelleon(founder of The Defenders), Nisaus (our webpage programmer), Shokaku, Psiclops and nspgav. We were newbies and did not do much before the server reset but had 6 kills.

2 resets ago we got into serious action, with 70 comrades at our peak strenght, we went to war with two guilds. First was the Iron Knights which we smashed to pulp, second was the Red Wizards of Thay who were very good but we found out they cheated. Their way of playing changed my opinion of multi-maging(from against to neutral) and also brought the war to a stalemate because the server restarted. But we registerd around 35 kills on arma day.

1 reset ago we were back on track with the webpage in full operation. We smacked quite a number of enemy guilds into submission and honoured our alliance with the Hellborn by going to war with the Unseen Empire. The war result was not decided as the server was force to reset. We registerd around 50 kills on arma day.

Now we are around again. We will not go without a fight, we will NOT be pushed around by any other so called "TOP" guilds and we will not compromise our believes because of them. We have never and will not run away from any fight and we are so closely linked with The Defenders that they are our permanent allies as we have NEVER gone to war without each other. Now finally is the time i am going to retire as guild leader soon(April 2000). The last of the original CoC will be gone but those "of CoC" would be seen from this day onwards in terra till the server crashes.

I hope this message will never be deleted and that the history would be carried on by future guild leaders of CoC.

XARGONAX CoC's Founder

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2000



I step down as the leader for approximately 2 years.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2000

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