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I am thinking of converting to mrc's DCC system, but my locomotive roster is nearly all athearn, and I have no idea how to wire in decoders. How do I do This? Thanks

-- bill Lister (, March 05, 2000


Try using a Wangro System One model 157A decoder. It is made specifically to fit on top of the Athearn motors. Included directions are fairly clear. You will need to remove the motor and do a little trimming of the bottom electrical tab to get it isolated from the frame. Put kapton tape under the motor so that it stays insulated. Remove the factory metal spring pick-ups. Use a 1/4 inch fast-on to connect wires (or solder). This decoder has a convenient extension on the pcb to hold front & rear lights in place. Cut to fit. Reasonable price at DonV

-- Don Vollrath (, March 06, 2000.

Digitrax do a much easier version in both FX (all functions) or Basic DHI63AT or DHI23AT (see These come with pre-soldered on copper motor clips (to replace the ones holding the motor together and the brushes in) and push-on connectors for the track feeds. What's more, you can unplug the chip from the harness and use in a different loco (easy with dynamic fitted locos)less chips required to enjoy your roster. BRGS Keith

-- Keith Webb (, March 12, 2003.

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