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Just my thoughts, no question. With all of our busy schedules it's hard to imagine any of us making the time for something like this. I'm not sure it can happen as we hope, but the very attempt is valid. The Body of Christ must find itself someday and all we can do to explore the attitude and enviornment for this to take place ,the better. If we only become more fimiliar with each other and the potential for this kind of thing we will have made a step in the right direction. If we walk together to find some answers (or questions) for the precious Body of Christ, all the better. I'm up for the chat whenever is most convienient for all. Thanks Barry for kicking this thing off. May God give us direction.


-- Ron Juncal (, March 05, 2000


Amen Ron. May God give us direction.

I have been waiting on Him for about 10 years concerning this issue of the 'journey.' The Lord often shows us something, and then says 'wait to release it.' Does anyone else find this to be so?

As for the concept of 'the journey,' we all have such a great need to learn to embrace the journey of this life, embrace the place we are at in our relationship with Him, but how often do we get stuck thinking about 'tomorrow,' or the destination? It is so easy to race through life looking for the destination, missing what (and WHO) He has for us along the way.

I may not be available for daily chat either, but I will participate as much as possible.

Thanks Barry, and all.... It's good to be pursuing Him in this together. Stephanie

-- Stephanie Bennett (, March 08, 2000.

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