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I have recently received my Doula training certificate two weeks ago. I have decided to acquire my three birthing experiencing before sending off for my certification packet from DONA. I a presently working full time in another field. I really want to get into my calling as a Doula. Though I like what I do now, I don't like the growth pattern I am making. I am getting very frustrated and I really need the time to persue my Doula work.

I don't have any money in saving and I don't have a car. I will be purchasing a car in June. I am thinking about starting out with post partarum work (lots of it) to keep money coming in. I know it would be best to keep my present full time job, but i have no time. Can someone out there who have taken risks like this in this area give me some honest advise. I presently make annually $36,000. a year. I am a 52 year old african american. I am presently experiencing empty nest, my 19 year old son is off at college. I have no spouse.

I am looking to change my life and my work.

-- Ernestine Washington (, March 05, 2000


Working full time AND being on call for births will probably burn you out very quickly!! I was fortunate enough to be able to change to a job (in the same company) that I can do part time. All that is required of me is to put in at least 20 hours a week, anytime & anyway, so if I get a call from a Mom in the middle of the day I can up & go, as long as I make up for the time later. If you could be lucky enough to work out something like that with your employer, it would be a lot easier for you (as long as you can afford it). Once you find your calling, sometimes it is hard to stay focused on the "job" that buys the groceries-at least for the time being. I hope eventually to take on more in the childbirth field (childbirth educator, lactation consultant), then I can gradually phase out the "job" and concentrate on doing what I love! The money will come.

Hope that helps.

-- Joanna Nicholson (, March 07, 2000.

Hi Ernestine- You also need to go to the training before your births count towards certification. Not that getting births ahead of time would be a bad thing- they will help you to learn even more at your training!

If you want to work solely in the birthing field I think the postpartum work is definitely going in the right direction. See if there is an agency you could work with or other women you could get together with to do it so that you could go to births when necessary. You could also get certified as a childbirth educator for a bit of extra money.

It is going to take a while to get up to your current salary but, perhaps, being happy with what you are doing will take some of the worry away?

It will work. Do what you love and make a jump. Maybe in the mean time you can get a part time job so you have dependable money and a bit more time AND the chances of having to go to a birth are cut in half?

Take care- Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, March 17, 2000.

Greetings Sister, Congratulations on pursuing your hearts calling. I know very well how you feel I was in your shoes only one year ago. in labor and in life the transition stage is challeging. my suggestion would be to to visit some of the hospitals and birthing centers in your area. some hospitals offer on call doula service. You can register to be on call after your work hours for any women who may go into labor. Also it's very helpful to form an allianc with other doulas and arrange to always have a back-up if your client goes into labor while your at work. Meditate , pray to the god of your understanding for guidance and creativity.

-- Nilajah Brown (, December 04, 2001.

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