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Hello all,

I am looking for a smallish wide angle lens for 8x10 and am considering the Kodak Wide Field Ektar 190mm. I believe the lens is normally single coated, and that these lenses generally have good color reproduction.

Can anyone confirm that these lenses are useable with color slide film? Also, the listed coverage for this lens just covers 8x10. Is there sufficient coverage and uniformity for 8x10 landscape work?

Thank you.


-- Michael Mutmansky (, March 05, 2000



I don't use a 190 but do use a 135 wide field ektar for both color and black and white. The one thing I can say about the clor work is that some reason or other it gives the transparencies a "50's" feel to the color balance. Several people have made the comment when viewing these transparencies so its not too subtle a difference. You might consider whether this is something you want in your images.

Good Luck

-- kevin kemner (, March 05, 2000.

BS....err...sorry. This lens is very usable with reversal film. I use older lenses myself, some are even uncoated, and in the right shots, you cant tell the difference from a modern multcoated lens. I have never encountered a '50's' look to my chromes. I compare these to chromes taken by my friends in the local photo club, some using the latest high quality glass. They look just as saturated as the rest. This isnt to say that multicoating isnt good, of course. The uncoated lenses are more prome to flare (and a reduction of contrast), but in the right (most) situations, the uncoated lenses are still very usable, yielding saturated sharp images. I do take some precautions, such as a good lens hood, etc. The Ektars are worthy of thier fine reputation, and are still capable workhorses. Dont be afraid to shoot chromes with a vintage lens. The results may suprise you.

-- Ron Shaw (, March 06, 2000.

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