Going Against the Flow: Chapter 1-A Leo's Pain

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"Dammit! He won't give up!" Rys' sword clashed against his foes scythe. White flames eminating from the sword's blade raised the temperture to unbearably high levels. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and caused his eyes to burn as they trickled down. The Joker killed so many people and made so many monsters into Lost Discs, Rys wondered how his foe could live with himself. "How do I live with myself? Day by day, of course! You shall join your comrades in their death!" "He can read my thoughts?!" "Yeah, so what of it?" The Joker brought down his scythe to Rys' head. Rys blocked it easily with his sword. The Joker pushed down harder. "My people... My friends... My family... Why? Why did you lead all those Jokers to massacre my people?!" "Master Moo needs your kind destroyed, Leo! You are a living symbol of pride and honor! For that, you must be killed!" The Joker flew backwards and raised his right hand. Energy started to form on his palm. "Death Energy!" Swirling blades of black energy flew out from his robe. Rys did all he could to dodge the swirling blades. He deflected with his sword, flipped over some, but some still managed to nick his body. He bled from over 35 cuts to his body. "Damn! White Heat!" He swung his blade at the Joker, and a huge blast of flame eminated from the sword. The Joker sidestepped it easily. "You're getting lazy, Leo!" Rys knew he was right. He had been fighting for over 3 hours. And before that he had returned from a long journey, only to find his city burned to the ground and Lost Discs everywhere. There were about ten Jokers left. Now there was only one... Damn he was tired. "I shall fight until you're DEAD!" The Joker dissapeared. "What the...?! Show yourself!" Rys was knocked back by a blow to the mouth. He could taste the metallic tang of blood. He spit out a tooth. "Crap! One of the good ones. Holy Sight!" Rys' eyes glowed white, and everything was surrounded by a white light. He could see the Joker to his left. He could tell that the Joker was unaware that he could see him. That was the opening he needed. "Energy Blade!" In one quck smooth movement Rys pointed his sword at the Joker. A sword made of energy shot out, and stabbed Joker straight through the abdomen. He immediately turned into a Lost Disc. Rys fell to his knees, exhausted. He looked to the sky and offered up a prayer for his people's souls. Rys then got up and walked to the city. He still couldn't believe it. A whole city of Leo, caught off-guard and killed. "Moo, you shall pay for this treachery. I swear it." Rys stabbed his sword into the dust and knelt down on one knee in the street. "I shall avenge you, my people. May your rest be peaceful." Rys turned and walked out of the city, sheathing his sword. A wind rustled the leaves on the trees, a cold wind, carrying the stench of burning wood. "Moo, your head is mine."

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Nice intro

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