why isn't there a cole hauser page??

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somebody make one now!!!

-- george leon (shinshinery@hotmail.com), March 03, 2000


i know!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so want one. i tried to make one but the pics from dazed and confused wouldn't come out so if u get n e please send them to me i luv him!!!

-- jacqui L. (sexybtch03@hotmail.com), April 22, 2000.

I completely agree!!! I can't believe theres other fans out there!!!!!I luv him so much, hes to cute!! Have a nice night!!!

-- Sonia Phoenix (kreanu@hotmail.com), April 23, 2000.

If anybody has some pictures send them to me. I am in love with a man named Cole Hauser and i have some pics but I WANT MORE!!

Sonia Phoenix: Yeah you wish!! I gotta go bust some ass but i'll give you a call !! USUALLY (slurry) i'd spend the nite busting your ass but if you call me tonite, you only get one lick from me!! Have a nice nite!! Sorry i CRACK cole hauser jokes , but he's a good guy, guy who wouldn't cheat!!

sineado hauser

ps: CAR-R-RA!!!

-- Sinead Hauser (shinshinery@hotmail.com), May 22, 2000.

so who is this guy anyway?

-- Susi-Q (Pensivefix@aol.com), May 22, 2000.

Cole Hauser plays : ~ Conners in School Ties ~ Benny in Dazed & Confused ~ Billie in Good Will Hunting ~ Scott in Higher Learning

...........and many more i don't feel like writing down!!

-- Scoop Poofoo (shinshinery@hotmail.com), May 23, 2000.

ok, thanks. now i know who we're talking about.

-- Susi-Q (Pensivefix@aol.com), May 24, 2000.

who ? what?

-- unknown (Peaches81275@aol.com), May 30, 2000.

Excuse me, is Cole Hauser Casey Affleck? I think not! Then why the hell are all of you talking about him on a Casey Affleck page! Go make a Cole Hauser page and maybe you guys will be happy and STOP whining about him.

-- Allison Fulton (Pussy@aol.com), May 30, 2000.

I Love Cole Hauser, All I can find are just lists of all the movies. We need a page all about him!!!!!

-- Melissa (Beastiegrl888@yahoo.com), December 30, 2000.

Cole Hauser NEEDS to authorize his own webpage ASAP!! He is the bomb and I've been keeping track of him since I was about 16, and I'm 24 now. Love him to death. Seen him in EVERYTHING over and over, but he's such an ecclectic performer.

Cole, if you're reading this, a little blue-eyed girl in Nova Scotia, Canada wants you to broaden you're horizons and come make a movie here, a lot pf actors are doin' it (ie. Denis Leary, Sandra Bullock, Kathy Bates, HARRISON FORD, the list goes on).

-- Sandy (secretjane69@hotmail.com), January 06, 2001.

I really didn't think there were ne other cole hauser fans!! I lov him so much!!! I'm gonna try to start a website on al of the Good Will HUnting boys!!! I LOVE them so much!

-- Rachel Ignatoff (damongurl101@aol.com), June 19, 2001.

Cole Hauser is sooo awesome. i love his movies, i can watch them over and over. he really needs more pages on here. he's one of my most favorite actors:)

-- kristen (Twisten10@hotmail.com), August 03, 2001.

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