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From: Azur Moulaert on 03/03/2000 09:51 AM EST To: Robert Garcia cc:, Tom Graff, Robbie LaBelle, Steve Cochran,, Dan Freedman Subject: Re: Action Alert Yes on Prop 12 First Draft

Hey the more the merrier, lets send this letter to all of our CA members, and sure we should ask them to pass it around and also tell their friend to join us at

If their are no neccesary edits (Margaret? Andy?) we can send this out today.



From: Robert Garcia on 03/02/2000 01:52 PM PST To:, Tom Graff, Robbie LaBelle, Azur Moulaert, Steve Cochran cc: Subject: Action Alert Yes on Prop 12 First Draft


The following is the first draft of the proposed action alert urging California voters statewide to vote yes on 12. Ideally we would send this out March 3 in anticipation of the March 7 election.

I have the following questions. (1) Any edits? (2) Do we need to send anything besides the action alert urging a yes vote? This is not a situation where we need to have an attached letter for members to send to others. Should we suggest that members forward this email to others? (3) This message is intended for voters statewide throughout California. I can also do a message geared more to Los Angeles voters emphasizing how much Los Angeles would benefit specifically. What do you think? Can we target Los Angeles area members?

Best, Robert

* * *


FROM: Robert Garcma, Senior Attorney, Environmental Defense DATE: March 3, 2000 SUBJECT: VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 12!

One of the most important matters before California voters on March 7 is the proposed park bond, Proposition 12, which would provide $2.1 billion for state and urban parks, recreation facilities, wild lands and wildlife projects. This is a comprehensive bond issue that benefits everyone in California, from the wilderness lover to the city youth searching for the simple joys of playing in the park. Environmental Defense urges a "Yes" vote on Proposition 12.

Proposition 12 would allocate $1.16 billion to state parks, wild lands and wildlife projects, including $525 million for the neglected and rundown state park system. An additional $940 million would go to local governments to finance parks and recreation facilities, with $200 million specifically earmarked for core urban areas that now often lack soccer or basketball facilities for young people, grassy sanctuaries for their elders and places for families to gather.

Proposition 12 is a well balanced proposal. Proposition 12 provides substantial funds for safe neighborhood parks. It includes funds for youth to participate in conservation corps, and to learn skills that will provide them with later employment opportunities. By providing clean fuel vehicles for park equipment, by providing tree planting throughout the state, and by avoiding development which generates air pollution, it will improve air quality. By providing funds for numerous river and stream cleaning and restoration projects, as well as for protecting and improving watershed lands, it will help provide good water quality. By protecting threatened coastal land, it will keep our beautiful coast accessible to the public and free from inappropriate development. Fish and wildlife programs will increase fishing opportunities, protect species threatened by California's rapid development, provide children greater chances to learn about wildlife in zoos and aquariums, and enhance our important commercial fishing industry.

Our magnificent State Park System badly needs the funds Proposition 12 will provide to improve visitor facilities, protect old growth redwoods, provide campsites, and make trails safer.

It has been twelve years since the voters approved the last park and wildlife bond act. Since that time, California has added more than five million people. They need places to have fun, and for their children to play. Proposition 12 is the latest in a long line of park bond acts dating back to the 1920's. The respected state legislative analyst concludes that even if all of the bonds on the March 7 ballot pass, they will have little impact on the state's debt ratio. This is due to rising state revenues and the fact that previously passed bond issues are being paid off.

We urge a "Yes" vote on Proposition 12.

Please forward this email messsage to all your friends and neighbors and make sure that they vote Yes for Proposition 12. Tell them also to join us at htttp://

-- (, March 03, 2000

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