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>Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 21:23:02 -0800 (PST) >X-Authentication-Warning: webuser set sender to > using -f >Mime-Version: 1.0 >From: Barry Steinman >To: >Subject: Come join my eCircle - Relational Webzine >X-Ecircles-Data: fromUserID=1909402 >X-Ecircles-Data: circleID=2145495 >X-Ecircles-Data: inviteID=2145495C3550 > > >You're invited... > > >Hi! > >This is Wayne and Barry from Barry's domain in Oceanside, CA. We thought >it might be a good idea to actually try some live chat for future >dialogue. You might want to go to this site and register in advance. We >thought about a week or so from now of setting a date and time when as >many of us as could would go on line to talk out this webzine thingy.... > >If we do it at 8:00 Pacific time, that will be 3:00 in the afternoon in >Melbourne, Australia and 6:00 a.m. in South AFrica... (Sorry about that >Jessob!) We are open to other ideas for times. But think this might be a >good way to move the dialogue onward. What do you think? Respond to >email for barry ( or wayne >( OK? >-Barry > >Click on this link to join: > > > >You can also join the circle by doing the following: > >1) Write down or copy this invitation key: > > 2145495C3550 > >2) Open your Web browser and go to > >3) Log in (if you are already a member) or register as a user. > >4) From the My Circles page, click on the Join button below the menu > and follow instructions from there. > > >_________________________________________________________________

From: Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 09:35:35 EST Subject: Re: Come join my eCircle - Relational Webzine To:

Thanks for the invite Barry. Seems like your web site is down temporarily so I'm replying email - ref 2145495c5732. Delighted to join in on line conference. Just let me know the date, and if we're talking am or pm. A week or so is good, I will be at home base. But any further out give me as much notice as possible. Best regards Alan Richardson at Church Without Walls

Reply-To: "Jessop Sutton" From: "Jessop Sutton" To: "Barry Steinman" Subject: Re: Come join my eCircle - Relational Webzine Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 13:47:10 +0200 X-Priority: 3

Hi Barry, Sounds intriguing but I can't commit myself to chatting a 6 am bcause at that time every morning we are getting ready for Dorothy to fetch our granddaughter in town. Is the 'chat' archived anywhere? Could I read it afterwards? I will register meanwhile. Regards, Jessop

Jessop & all,

Possibly we could find a time that would be better for everyone to do a live web chat. Jessop what times are good for you.

I also just put up a message board for us at if we use the message board to communicate, there will be an archive of all the messages. You can set it up to send new messages to you by email, but you must go to the web site to post.

Right now the message board is public. If you would all be more comfortable having it private, I can protect it with a password.... let me know.

I will try to get some of the posts up on the message board, but I think that would be the best place to communicate, and to try and set a time for live web chat together.

I am also looking for a location that we could possibly do live au

-- Barry Steinman (, March 03, 2000


Jessop has opted out as far as the live web chat. Wayne is trying to get ahold of Kevin in Australia, as his time would be most critical as the rest of us are US. So when Wayne gets an answer for Kevin, we will set a time. In the meantime we can start hashing out things on the board here. Did you all notice that you can set this up to notify you by email and send all new posts to you. Then you would only have to come to the site to post responses.

All the best

-- Barry Steinman (, March 12, 2000.

Thursday Nites we have fellowship group at 7PM and have to leave by 6:30, so I could do it, but only probably at the latest till 6PM.

Only other conflict nites for us are Friday's. But Thursday will work, just can't go more than an hour for me.

IDEA, if Kevin doesn't respond, and it is just us US folks, with the price of long distance so cheap, we could probably do a conference call, at the cost of 5 cents to 10 cents a minute each. that is $3 to $6 each for an hour..... pretty cheap, and alot faster than typing.

What do you think,

-- Barry Steinman (, March 12, 2000.

Let's try to nail down a time this week for those who really have this venture on their heart. So, if everyone could check in regarding their interest, this might be helpful.

Jessop, is there a time when we can get you included on this?


-- Wayne Jacobsen (, March 05, 2000.

If I know in advance when we are meeting, I usually can make some kind of arrangement. Just keep me in the loop.

By the way, I'm a novice at this chat room and bulletin board stuff. Is there anything you can tell me that will lower the angle of my learning curve. What am I supposed to do to get on board. How am I doing?


-- Dan Mayhew (, March 05, 2000.

Hi ... this is just to say that I have come aboard. I'll need to find out how it works, but I presume this is all I need to do? Jessop.

-- Jessop Sutton (, March 09, 2000.

Barry, How about 9 am Pacific Time? That would be high noon for me, ....what would it be for Jessop?

I concur with Dan. If we put a date/time on the board a few days in advance, I will do my best to arrange being there...

Peace, Stephanie

-- Stephanie Bennett (, March 12, 2000.

12 noon eastern would make it 7 pm in South Africa, but 2 am for Kevin in Australia.... I have not heard from Kevin yet. This may take forever the way we're trying to schedule.

If Jessop cannot be involved, what about 5 p.m Pacific Time/8pm Eastern this Thursday night 3/16. That will put us Melbourn time at 12 noon if Kevin can join us. We'll go then with whomever we've got and try to work out future times to fit others accordingly. WE can also email a transcription for those who miss...

-- Wayne Jacobsen (, March 12, 2000.

Hello all, I'm not very forthcoming at the moment, probably because I have been a bit pre-occupied with other things, but I am with you. I receive the e- mail report on the forum which keeps me up to date with the discussions. I will come in on it as soon as I can. My one point at the moment is -- Who is our actual target 'market'? Somewhere I have lost sight of that. Jessop.

-- Jessop Sutton (, March 14, 2000.

The next question following on "What is our target market?" has to be "How do we get the webzine into the hands (onto the screens) of the target market?" How will they know that the webzine *exists for them* and that they should go to it? I know these are hard questions, but if we don't have some concept of an action plan for this, we can't get very far. I have discovered in all walks of life that 'marketing' becomes more important than 'production'.

The identification of the target market so far seems to be as under. We may have to narrow it down a bit.

(I may have submitted this twice! Not sure which button to use!)


-- jessop sutton (, March 15, 2000.

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