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New list created to function as parallel to Jay Hanson's technical/media topics energy list. Same philosophy as this board. If the new list takes of better, this board can slide into abeyance. We'll see... RunningOnEmpty new email list

-- scott (, March 03, 2000


List intro statement:

This list is intended to function as a parallel discussion for Jay Hanson's Energy list. While the energy list is confined to technical topics and analysis of media reports, this list is devoted to discussions of the "human element", i.e. is it too late ? what are the social/military/economic implications of reduction to 30% of current exo-somatic energy levels ? Can any kind of civilization survive ? Can 'technology' pull a rabbit out of a hat ? Is there 'nowhere to run, nowhere to hide' ?

-- scott (, March 03, 2000.

Hallyx, I think you are right. Darwinian processes have spoken. BUT, in self defense, please note that I didn't intentionally fragment it. I started this one BEFORE Jay had the ONEList 'energyresources' going. I wanted to use THIS as the 'backchat' forum for 'energyresources' (which both Jay and I felt is a desirable thing, a looser discussion). But Jay wanted it to be hosted on ONEList, so I acquiesced, which has led to the "dieoff" of this board...


-- Scott (, March 20, 2000.

Hey Scott,

Whatcha doin over here? I saw your invite members of ROE list to enjoin some discussion here. Between Jay's ER amd your ROE, I'm in it deeper than I was at the old TB2K.

ROE is just revving up. What is your rationale for fragmenting it. Most of us have only a limited supply of posting time and energy. I'm on unsustainable use right now.

Let's see how long it takes you so see this.

03/18/2000 7:40 pst


"Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do."

-- (, March 18, 2000.

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